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UITA, OMC, UE e paises APC/PMD

UITA e a decisão da OMC relativa às exportações de açúcar subsidiadas da UE, o processo de reforma do regime açucareiro da UE e os setores açucareiros em países ACP/PMD

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UITA sobre OMC, régimen azucarero de la UE, y países ACP y PMD

UITA sobre la decisión de la OMC sobre exportaciones azucareras subvencionadas de la UE, el proceso de reforma del régimen azucarero de la UE y los sectores azucareros en países ACP/PMD – disponible aquí

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St Kitts: Collapse of the Sugar Sector Leaves Bitter Aftertaste

Komal Chand, president of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), said the European position was directly responsible for the closure of the industry in St. Kitts after 300 years. ”This is a message to the sugar-producing countries in the Caribbean of the devastating effect that the price cuts will have on the economies …

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Sugar in Free Trade Negotiations

To see a summary table of the way global and regional trade agreements relate to the sugar sector Download file

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