Day 2: IUF Communication Program: Internet and Trade Unions Solidarity in the Caribbean.

February 07: The Internet session completed the review of some basic communication tools, particularly in setting conference calls using Skype, dealing with security issues, and navigating the Internet. The participants were divided in two groups, according to their expertise in using the Internet. One group did refine searches on the Internet and within web sites, focussing on Maternity Protection, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), some diseases related to the cane/sugar sectors, and Caribbean sugar trade.

The second group looked at basic features of web sites, familiarising the participants with features of Internet browsers, such creating bookmark, setting the browser’s home page, which requires a decision about the kind of information one needs as soon as the browser is launched. The difference between “free access” and “passworded” sites was shown through the visiting to the IUF main web site, and the IUF Sugar Workers’ Network. Basic searches were done by key words.
The occupational safety and health session was opened with an analysis of the OSH questionnaires which the delegates had submitted before the training. The presentation encouraged a discussion on the issue, with clear comments on the need to homogenise the criteria used in defining “accidents” and the process of recording them. Specific recommendations from the questionnaires include the training of union representatives, collecting and sharing information on chemical handling, introducing specific OSH clauses in collective bargaining agreement, influencing labour legislation, including the ratification of ILO Convention 184, and comprehensive programs on HIV/AIDS.

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