IUF Communication Program: Internet and Trade Union Solidarity: Observations and Recommendations on LBI factory, Guyana.

The IUF Communication Program: Internet and Trade Union Solidarity for sugar workers union in the English-speaking Caribbean included working on Occupational Safety and Health.

This area of work was conducted by Jesper Nielsen, 3F-Denmark, and consisted of quite clear steps:
– an introduction by Jesper on what it is expected from a workplace visit, see here a guide shared with the participants,
– the actual visit to the La Bonne Intention (LBI) factory, part of the East Demerara Sugar Estates, on Monday 5 Feb. 2007,
– a group discussion on the observations by participants, who relied on their own observations, helped by photos,
– an effort to synthesise the findings and observations, and produce a set of recommendations for the local union to improve working conditions.
The observations and recommendations were delivered to GAWU as a contribution to the union’s work on OSH. As the participants were ready to underline, this way of working through OSH issues should be used in their own countries to improve the unions’ work on OSH matters.

Available here, in a Word document, are the Observations and Recommendations regarding Occupational Safety and Health improvements at the LBI Sugar Estate, Guyana.

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