UITA Azúcar Programa Global y KUSPAW: Trabajadores Día de los Caídos en la Industria del Azúcar de Kenya: 22-28 Abril 2014

Recordamos a los muertos. Luchamos por la vida.

En los sindicatos de trabajadores del Memorial Day lloran los que murieron en accidentes evitables y los que están heridos o discapacitados en el trabajo o que sufren problemas de salud debido a su trabajo. Día de Conmemoración de los Trabajadores también a movilizarse por mejoras para proteger la vida.

El Programa de Azúcar de la UITA y la Unión Kenya de plantación de azúcar y Afines (KUSPAW) have focussed on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) matters since 2007; our small contribution to the union efforts worldwide. Our work has empowered grass-root workers and strengthened KUSPAW structures; it has included field observations and evaluation of working conditions, research on issues relevant to the daily work in sugar, sensible proposals to eliminate hazards and minimize risks at workplaces, and the formulation of the KUSPAW’ OSH principles and Action Plan.

This April 2014, the IUF Sugar and KUSPAW will develop a week-long OSH program in the provinces of Western and Nyanza, Kenya’s sugar belt. From April 22-25, meetings with union members have been scheduled in the sugar estates of Chemelil, Muhoroni, South Nyanza (SONY), West Kenya and Mumias; they will be an occasion to introduce KUSPAW’ OSH principles and Action Plan. En abril 28, we will hold our main activity at the Nzoia Sugar Company, with a program that highlights the joint work to improve safety and health conditions in sugar and includes an awareness-raising demonstration.

Welding in a sugar factory. Have you spot the worker?

Welding in a sugar factory. Do you spot the worker?

Occupational Safety and Health ought to be placed at the core of the current restructuring of Kenya’s sugar sector. Por un lado, it is expected that in February 2015 the “safeguards” that COMESA, the Common Market for Easter and Southern Africa, has granted Kenya’s sugar for the past 10 years will end. (The safeguards protect the domestic sector while increased competitiveness is achieved, in advance to the opening of the domestic market to imports from other COMESA members.) Por otro, there’s a call to privatise five sugar companies (out of the ten currently listed). It is imperative that the restructuring and privatisation take OSH as integral part in the decision-making process. Por ejemplo, qualified bidders in the privatisation process – those potential sugar owners – should be companies with a record of effective OSH programs, as to provide guarantees to the country that efficiency and competitiveness will not be the result of preventable deaths, injuries and disabilities of sugar workers.

Weeding cane fields.

Weeding cane fields.

The activities are part of the IUF Sugar/KUSPAW joint work that benefits some 15,000 los trabajadores del azúcar, their families and sugar-dependent communities, and are supported by the Social Justice Fund of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW-SJF).[1]

Información general:

Kenia: La investigación sobre SST, documentos de política y OFW Agenda de la UITA en Kenia (De noviembre 2013)

Occupational Health and Safety in the Sugar Industry of Kenya – A Special Publication of the IUF Global Sugar Program. (Octubre 2012)

[1] En agosto de 2013, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and the Communication Energy and Paper Workers (MÓVIL) formed Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union.

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    • Miriam Wanyama en Abril 16, 2014 en 9:15 al

    We are looking forward for the great day because it also builds the sense of solidarity among workers.It will also be an opportunity for workers to meet and discuss other issues affecting them especially on health and safety.Thank God for the Organizer in the Sugar sector of Kenya Jorge Chullen.Your good work and commitment has inspired management and on that day we have an official event at Nzoia sugar company

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