Hawaii: The End of Sugar

On a 17 December 2016 article, the Hawaii Public Radio described some of the last deliveries of sugar cane to the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar (HC&S) 1901-built Pu‘unene Mill in Maui, the very last of the Hawaii’s sugar mills in operation. It added: “Cheers break out from the hundreds of workers standing nearby.”[1]

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Belize: BWU signs a CBA on behalf of field workers

The Belize Workers’ Union (BWU) signed on 5 January 2017 an agreement with the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSIL) granting a five percent wage increase over three years (on a 3-1-1 percent increases). New highest daily rate (9 hrs) is 72.10 Belizean dollars (BZD) paid to a heavy-duty operator (2016-2017) that will go up to …

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Kenya: KUSPW’s actions on Sexual Harassment at the workplace.

Gender-related matters, such as sexual harassment and violence against women, are rightly taking more of the media space[1]; the challenge is for individuals to effectively identify such occurrences in their daily life. Sensitisation is a major effort to develop such understanding to enhance our response to alleged cases, share the somebody else’ plight …

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South Africa: Wage agreement reached at the Sugar Bargaining Council

An across-the-board wage increase of 6.5 percent effective from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 covering some 5,000 employees was agreed on 4 July under the Sugar Bargaining Council negotiations. Back payments will be effective not later than 22 July. The Council parties are three unions and six major sugar employers in the Sugar …

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South Africa: Strike and resolution at cane-growing Harden Heights

A strike lasting from 27 June to 6 July at Harden Heights ended with an agreement granting a 6.68 percent wage increase as a “minimum sectoral wage,” a 7 percent increase in other financial benefits and for work on Saturdays. There is also an annual bonus, while FAWU established the basics for a workers’ forum.

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Guyana: Trade Union Centrals call for a turnaround in sugar

The 2016 May Day celebrations in Georgetown, Guyana ought to be considered as an historical opportunity for the country’s trade union movement and, particularly, to the unions in the sugar sector. The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo), a state-owned and run company, that overwhelmingly dominates the country’s growing and processing of the sugar cane, has …

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Peru: School kids intoxicated by aerial spraying on insecticide at San Jacinto

Close to one hundred children at the Institución Educativa San José in the Nepeña valley (Ancash region) suffered severe intoxication when the Agroindustrias San Jacinto ordered on 17 May the aerial spraying of insecticides in a sugarcane field next to the school. Students suffered head and stomach aches, throat burning sensation and body tremors. Three …

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Zambia: NUPAAW reaches agreement at Illovo’s Zambia Sugar

The National Union of Plantation, Agriculture and Allied Workers (NUPAAW) concluded negotiations with Zambia Sugar Plc on 23rd March 2016 and an addendum to the Collective Agreement on 13th April 2016, after seven rounds of negotiation on the 2016-2017 Wages, Salaries and Financial terms that started on 31 December 2015.

The agreement grants an eighteen percent …

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India: Drought, Cane, Child Marriage, Failed Policies

A commentary with notes from a friend

It is, unfortunately, a common situation. The Internet edition of the Times of India posted an article untitled “Drought & distress push 14-year-olds into marriage in Marathwada’s Jalna district.” Nothing new, unfortunately, in one of the largest sugar producer in the world, and in an …

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Sexual Harassment. A case in the sugar sector of Kenya

By Caroline Busaka and Judith Siwa

At a recent IUF Sugar workshop with KUSPAW, Caroline Busaka made general comments about a sexual harassment case she has learned directly from the victim. With no references to personal details, and having changed some of the circumstances, the following is an attempt to keep the core …

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