Jamaica: Pan Caribbean Sugar latest redundancies

On 20 January, reports Jamaica media, three hundred and eight five workers will lose their jobs in Monymusk and in Frome, two sugar factories run by Pan-Caribbean Sugar. Two hundred and seventy nine mostly farm workers in the former; one hundred and six evenly split between farm and factory operations in the latter.

Union representatives …

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Guyana: Privatisation and Closures as GuySuCo moves forward?

Wales Sugar Estate Closed

On 18 January, the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) announced that the Wales Sugar Estate, in West Demerara, will be closed at the end of the second crop of 2016. The Ministry said Wales is a poor and run-down estate, with an old factory whose …

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Jamaica: Is this the calm before the storm?

The Sugar Industry Authority (SIA) early September awarded the Seprod Group, which runs the Golden Grove Company in St Thomas, a market-agency status. While some stakeholders are concerned with the potential negative impact to the island’s ability to meet obligations with Tate and Lyle Sugar, under a 2015-2016 crop year supply deal, the move underlines …

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France: Wage increase agreement ends Tereos strike

A seven-day strike (15-22 October) in six Tereos beet processing plants involving members of three unions, including the IUF affiliates, CFDT and FO-FGTA, ended with an agreement that provided a total wage increase of 1.1 percent – retroactive to 1 July – and a 0.30 percent in individual increases.

Tereos is a farmer cooperative reckoned …

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Kenya: Wage Increase in Nzoia Sugar in 2015-2017

Last August, the branch of the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers (KUSPAW) at the Nzoia Sugar Company reached a two-year agreement increasing wages and granting other financial benefits effective in October.

The agreement calls for a 9.5 percent wage increase in the first year and 6.5 per cent in the second year, in addition …

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OSH and the use of hard helmets in factories. An example from Fiji

A personal protective equipment (PPE) par excellence is a hard helmet in a factory because of the building configuration and the fact that it is very common to have equipment and machinery as well as other employees working above you.

In a recent visit to a sugar factory, there was a moment when the visiting …

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Fiji: Behind the deterioration of OSH conditions in sugar

After the incidents at the Rarawai sugar mill, as reported in “Fiji: Death and Burnings at FSC Rarawai mill – in less than a week,” the IUF Sugar got in contact with Felix Anthony, general secretary of the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union (FSGWU), to ask about the workers’ safety situation in the sugar …

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IUF Sugar resumes work in India: Focus on OSH and Sustainability

“Sustainable Sugar and Sustainable Jobs” was the topic of a workshop organised by IUF India on August 2 & 3 in Pune, located in India’s largest sugar producing state of Maharashtra. The IUF Sugar Coordinator attended as the sugar work is resumed in the world’s second largest sugar producer.

The workshop highlighted two issues: a …

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Fiji: Death and Burnings at FSC Rarawai mill – in less than a week

By the second week of August, the Fijian police and the Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations are investigating the death of a sugar worker at the Rarawai Sugar Mill, owned by the government-owned Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC). The investigation follows a case filed by the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union (FSGWU) to …

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South Africa: Wage increase for five thousand sugar workers

On 17 June, the National Bargaining Council for Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Industry reached an agreement providing a 6.5 percent wage increase across the board effective 1 April, and a further 1 percent compounded increase by 1 October 2015. The Council groups six companies as employers and three unions representing approximately 5,000 workers in the …

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