Sudáfrica: FAWU y azúcar sindicatos lanzan huelga en el sector del azúcar

Hoy, 27 Mayo 2014, encima 5,500 los trabajadores de la cadena de valor de la molienda y refinación del azúcar iniciaron una huelga protegida para apoyar sus demandas de:

  • Incremento salarial del 11 por ciento en todos los ámbitos
  • 40-horas de trabajo semana
  • Subsidio de vivienda mensual de ZAR 800
  • El empleo permanente de todos los trabajadores a plazo fijo y otros contratos

The workers are members of the IUF-affiliated Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU), as well as members of two other unions in the sector, NASERIEU and UASA.

FAWU leaders reported today that the strike is respected in all mills in the KwaZulu Natal province, the heart of the South African sugar industry.

The strike follows several negotiating meetings under the Sugar Bargaining Council that started in March.

Under South African labour legislation, workers on a protected strike cannot be dismissed. FAWU leaders expect that another 5,000 workers under contract would join the strike as well. The strike is the first in the South African sugar sector in 17 años. The previous one, en 1997, lasted 10 días.

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3 comentarios

    • Miriam Wanyama en Mayo 29, 2014 en 1:56 al

    Camaradas, nothing is impossible IN SOLIDARITY. Remember the foundation laid by our Fathers,Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Tom Mboya, just but to mention a few. Press on, Solidarity forever, we are together with you.

    • Nelisiwe Nxumalo en Junio 2, 2014 en 10:04 al

    We are today on the 7th day of the strike and our negotiating team went back to the table. We are hoping for the best cause emotions are starting to rise and people are becoming uncontrollable! Viva cdes Viva! Forward with the living wage!

    • Miriam Wanyama en Junio 4, 2014 en 1:08 al

    Our MOTTO is to organise, win, and fight, we cant give up. Giving up is not our portion. Solidarity Forever.

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