Sudan: Ten million tonnes of sugar by 2015?

Sudanese sugar groups have an ambitious expansion program in the making: to produce 10 million tonnes of sugar by 2015, up from the current 850,000, Reuters reported on 31 May. The news was made at an International Sugar Organisation (ILO) meeting held in Mauritius.
A 10-year strategy to expand sugar production includes 13 projects, most of which are located south of Khartoum, between the White and Blue Niles. If developed, a spokesperson with Kenana Sugar said, some 700,000 jobs will be created, and some 3 million people would benefit from improved health and educations facilities. The Eljazeera project, the largest of the 13 under consideration, aims at producing 2.9 million tonnes of sugar and 205 million litres of ethanol per year.
Sudan’s sugar would be sold mostly in the deficit areas of North Africa and the Middle East, covered in part with EU refined sugar. The domestic market is also a target, as Sudanese population is growing and consumption habits are changing. Sudan’s sugar production could eventually rise to 20 million tonnes, added the spokesperson for Kenana Sugar. The company currently produces about half of the national sugar output, and its While Nile project will add another 500,000 tonnes by 2009.

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