The Sugar Worker, February 2007

The Sugar Worker, February 2007. Download file.

The Sugar Worker
Information and Analysis for Unions in the Sugar Sector
Volume IX, Number 2
February 2007

  • European Union: Production Cuts by at least 2 Million Tonnes

  • Jamaica: Whither the SCJ?

  • Mozambique: Exports Hit Highest Level in Three Decades

  • Mauritius: Compensation for Workers Approved

  • IUF Global Sugar: Communication Program: Internet and Trade Union Solidarity

  • Health and Safety at the Workplace

  • 0 Trinidad: Workers at Sugarcane Feeds Centre Down Tools Protesting Accident
  • Sugar and Cane Technology

  • 0 United States: Ethanol from Bagasse Technology under Study
  • Company News

  • 0 Canada: Tate & Lyle Sells Redpath
    0 Brazil: Dreyfus Acquires Four Mills
    0 United Arab Emirates: New Refinery Announced

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