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NUW fights for the rights of workers exploited by poultry company while on holiday in Australia

13 March 2015 News
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The NUW campaign for the rights of workers in the poultry processing industry has entered another phase with the fight for the wages owed to foreign workers exploited while on holiday in the country.

B&E Poultry have quickly become one of the biggest poultry companies in Australia. They are involved in supplying chicken to leading supermarket operators Coles, Woolworths and Aldi as well as fast food outlets KFC and Pizza Hut.

B&E Poultry and their subcontractors pay their employees' wages that are below the legal minimum. Their workers are now owed tens of thousands of dollars in back pay and B&E is refusing to pay up. Backpackers in Australia on working holidays have joined the NUW and are demanding back pay now!

Go here to sign the union petition to demand the company pay dozens of backpackers who are owed tens of thousands in backpay!  B&E poultry should abide by Australian workplace law and stop exploiting workers on holiday in Australia that have language barriers or a lack of Australian workplace knowledge.