Maldives: TEAM leads fight to stop new attacks on employment and workplace rights

26.06.20 News

The IUF-affiliated TEAM (Tourism Association of Maldives) has been actively mobilizing to defeat proposed changes to employment law which would weaken the country's few existing worker protections at a time of crisis and set back the fight for basic rights in the country. Maldives has no legal industrial relations framework based on trade union and collective bargaining rights.




Germany: NGG says voluntarism has failed, demands strict regulation and enforcement to tackle abusive conditions behind coronavirus outbreaks in meat processing

25.06.20 News

New coronavirus hotspots have erupted in Germany's meat processing plants, spotlighting again the massive abuse of subcontracted migrant labour on which the industry depends. More than 1,500 workers have been infected with COVID-19 at the giant Tönnies plant (over 6,500 workers) in Rheda-Wiedenbrück alone, where local authorities have re-imposed strict lockdowns just as economic activity was reviving.

Stop the attack on workers' rights in India!

24.06.20 Urgent Action

In May, the IUF sounded the alarm on the legislative attack on fundamental workers' rights in India. The attack continues, and we've joined with our sister international federations and the ITUC in an online LabourStart campaign to  stop the attack on rights.


C190 and R206: tools for reshaping the world of work

19.06.20 News

June 21, 2020 is the first anniversary of the International Labour Conference's adoption of Convention 190 (C190) and Recommendation 206 (R206) on violence and harassment in the world of work. These two standards propose practical steps that unions must take to put an end to violence and harassment and negotiate a comprehensive framework for the construction of the foundations necessary for a world that is better able to resist future economic and social crises.

Sugar workers hold stoppages and protests over unpaid wages at Haft Tapeh in Iran as coronavirus spreads

17.06.20 News

Since June 11, hundreds of workers have been holding work stoppages and daily protests at the governor's office to demand wages and social security benefits not paid since March at the giant Haft Tapeh sugar cane growing and processing complex in Shush, Iran. COVID-19 has been spreading among the workers, who continue to report to work. They have no access to medical care since their wages and social security contributions have not been paid.

It's time to ratify and implement the Migrant Workers Convention!

17.06.20 Editorial

The COVID-19 pandemic has ruthlessly exposed the corporate food system's reliance on extended, fragile chains of migrant labour. But for many governments and international agencies like the United Nations' FAO and WHO, the harsh, even life-threatening conditions under which migrants work is a crisis of mobility rather than a consequence of exploitation underpinned by the systematic denial of fundamental rights.


International Domestic Workers Day 2020: Domestic workers demand essential rights and protection!

16.06.20 News

On June 16, 2020, International Domestic Workers Day, the IUF and its affiliates stand in solidarity with domestic workers around the world and their organization, the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF).




Coca-Cola Philippines union leaders defending their members' right to safe work sacked for 'economic sabotage'!

15.06.20 Urgent Action

Coca-Cola management in the Philippines is capitalizing on the coronavirus emergency to attack union leaders of the IUF-affiliated FCCU-SENTRO and intimidate their members with dismissals, disciplinary procedures and the use of police power. CLICK HERE to sign a petition to the Coca-Cola Company demanding an end to these human rights violations!


June 12 – World Day Against Child Labour: Child labour in agriculture still on the increase as UN agencies warn of increased overall risk

12.06.20 News

On World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) 2020, the ILO and UNICEF are warning that the COVID-19 crisis could push millions of vulnerable children into child labour. In a joint report COVID-19 and child labour: A time of crisis, a time to act, the UN agencies raise the alarm that the reduction in child labour, down 94 million since 2000, is now at risk.

Brazil: Broad mobilization defeats push to eliminate key health and safety protection for meat workers

12.06.20 News

A determined campaign by IUF affiliates and allies has beaten back a government attempt to remove a hard won health and safety protection for meat and poultry processing workers in Brazil.

Philippines: SENTRO condemns government's sweeping new police powers, reaffirms commitment to defending democratic rights

11.06.20 News

SENTRO, the trade union center affiliated to the IUF through its food, beverage and HRCT membership, has denounced new legislation which grants the government sweeping new police powers and vowed to continue fighting to defend democratic rights.


Collective action beats back anti-union aggression by management at AB InBev Honduras

04.06.20 News

Collective protests and a work stoppage have restored respect for union rights at AB InBev's Cervecería Hondureña plant in San Pedro Sula, which also bottles products for Coca-Cola.




Coca-Cola Indonesia exploits COVID-19 lock-down to impose secret collective agreement, undercutting the rights and benefits of 6,000 workers

03.06.20 News

As Indonesia moved into lock-down in late March, Coca-Cola management secretly signed a new national collective agreement with the pro-management national union structure created decades ago during the Suharto military dictatorship to suppress workers' rights. This agreement effectively imposes new terms and conditions on more than 6,000 Coca-Cola workers without any of them being able to obtain a copy of the actual agreement and read it.


Standing with our sisters and brothers in Hong Kong

02.06.20 Editorial

Mainland China's designated rulers in Hong Kong failed to squash the democracy movement, so the government in Beijing has decided to do the job itself. The May 28 vote by China's rubber-stamp parliament paves the way for China's Party-State to impose on Hong Kong a draconian national security law and security agencies to enforce it.

Italy: Union push brings breakthrough in protecting migrant worker rights

29.05.20 News

Sustained organizing and engagement by our Italian agro-food affiliate FLAI-CGIL has won landmark government action to protect the rights, health and safety of migrant workers in agriculture and other sectors.




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