Bangladesh: Farmers, agricultural workers continue their fight to block commercial release of genetically-engineered rice

24 October 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation (BAFLF) and  National Women Farmers and Workers' Association (NWFA) jointly organized a public meeting at the National Press Club in Dhaka on 17 October 2019 to demand the government rescind its decision to authorize the commercial release of genetically-engineered 'Golden Rice'.

The E-commerce threat to agriculture at the WTO

21 October 2019 News

Talks on 'E-commerce' are currently being fast-tracked at the WTO as part of a cluster of 'new issues'. The misleadingly titled 'E-commerce' agenda is not about online shopping. It proposes to transform all productive activity, including work in agriculture, into a bundle of outsourced, offshored services over which workers, and governments, would have no control.

Algeria: International unions call on ILO to defend trade unionists facing growing repression

16 October 2019 News

In May this year, the ILO undertook a high-level mission to Algeria in response to systematic violations of basic trade union rights by the government over many years, violations repeatedly highlighted by the ILO's governing bodies. Since then, attacks on the independent trade union movement have intensified as the authorities crack down on the democracy movement, in which the independent unions have played a prominent role.


Reinstate Husni! Mobilization continues for union rights at Accor's Pullman Jakarta

11 October 2019 News

Mass union protests continue outside Accor's 'chic, stylish and modern' 5-star Pullman Jakarta in Indonesia's capital city, where members of the IUF-affiliated independent national hotel and restaurant workers' federation FSPM rallied on October 9 to demand the reinstatement of their federation president, Husni Mubarok.


United States: UFCW files lawsuit to block government move to speed up processing lines

10 October 2019 News

The UFCW, which represents 30,000 workers in US pork processing plants, has filed a federal lawsuit to block a new rule by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which eliminates all restrictions on pork processing line speeds while reducing the number of government food safety inspectors on those lines and transferring key inspection roles to the companies.


IUF and Arla Foods agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment

7 October 2019 News

The IUF and the dairy transnational Arla Foods have concluded an agreement on measures to protect workers against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Help stop child labour at Chupa Chups maker Perfetti van Melle

27 September 2019 News

Child labourers come and go at Perfetti van Melle's (PvM) factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh. They disappear during inspections, only to reappear once the inspections have ended. PvM continues to contract with the company supplying these children - Rahat Corporation.

Click here to learn more about how you can help stop child labour at PvM in Bangladesh.


Cambodia: Hotel Casino Union President suspended in attack on collective bargaining rights

23 September 2019 News

Management of the 5-star Naga World Hotel Casino in Pnom Penh has suspended the union president as it escalates its attack on the union and its right to bargain wages.

UN Human Rights Council names AccorHotels Myanmar business partner in report on military business interests and crimes against humanity

22 September 2019 Feature

A new report to the current session of the UN Human Rights Council identifies dozens of companies with direct and indirect ties to the military (Tatmadaw) that enable this powerful institution to operate with impunity while committing crimes against humanity. Among the companies listed is the conglomerate Max Myanmar Group, a business partner of AccorHotels.

IUF and AccorInvest agreement on fighting sexual harassment

16 September 2019 News

The IUF and the French-based transnational hotel chain AccorInvest have signed an agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment at work. It covers all persons employed by the Group or operating on behalf of AccorInvest.

Gains for Colombian banana workers in new CBA follow months of tough negotiations

16 September 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated SINTRAINAGRO has won significant gains for 22,000 banana workers in a new two-year collective agreement signed with the employer association Augura after months of tough negotiations. Members on September 4 overwhelmingly voted for strike action from September 12 in the event of failure to reach agreement.


Unions protest Coca-Cola's serial human rights violations at company-hosted conference on… Business and Human Rights

16 September 2019 News

Attendees at the 11th Business and Human Rights Conference hosted by The Coca-Cola Company on September 12 at its Atlanta headquarters faced a group of fifty trade unionists at the entrance denouncing ongoing human rights abuses at Coca-Cola in countries around the world.

NGG wins important gains in new agreement at Barry Callebaut

13 September 2019 News

Following on a series of warning strikes, Barry Callebaut workers in Hamburg now have a new collective bargaining agreement which aligns pay with the industry-wide agreement for the Northern Germany confectionery industry.

Indonesia: BMI union leader convicted in trial farce, union to press criminal charges for systematic wage and benefit violations

10 September 2019 News

The trial of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI union of workers at seafood processor Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia, has concluded with her conviction and a reduced sentence. The notoriously corrupt legal system declared her guilty as expected, but faced with campaigns at local, national and international level was forced to reduce the sentence to 4 months with time served.


Justice for Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi workers and their union - tell the government of Pakistan to respect the ILO and freedom of association!

9 September 2019 Urgent Action

For 18 years, workers at the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi have fought with unflagging determination for their collective rights and for recognition of their union - the IUF-affiliated Pakistan Hotel, Restaurant, Clubs, Tourism, Catering and Allied Workers Federation (PHRCTCAWF).  Since 2003, the ILO has been calling on the government to rectify these violations of fundamental rights. 


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