Remembering Tiananmen

28.05.19 Editorial

Working people in Hong Kong will gather on June 4 to keep alive the promise and the memory of China's 1989 democracy movement and workers' self-organized autonomous trade unions that challenged the official trade union structures of the Party-state.  The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, the only independent trade union in China, has kept that memory alive through demonstrations and public events every year since the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square and thousands were arrested and imprisoned across China three decades ago. Unions around the world should be equally vocal and visible in their support.


Vicious escalation in anti-union aggression at Indonesian global seafood supplier BMI

23.05.19 News

IUF affiliates in Indonesia have launched daily mass protests outside the Lampung, Indonesia seafood factory of Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI), a major supplier to the global seafood industry, following the May 17 arrest of union secretary Reni Desmiria. Eight years after she began work at the factory as a contract worker, the company has determined that she submitted a fake high school certificate to get hired, reported her to the police and is pressing for the maximum criminal penalty - 6 years' imprisonment.  On June 2, BMI management  visited the union secretary in prison to inform her that she can be immediately released on condition that she resigns her position at the company, confirming that her arrest, imprisonment and prosecution are at the request of BMI. She has refused.

Beyond meat? What's inside - and behind - the lab-grown protein rush

22.05.19 News

The share price of US-based Beyond Meat, a maker of plant-based proteins that mimic meat, has tripled in the three weeks since it was introduced on the stock market. Rival Impossible Foods' Impossible Whopper can now be purchased at Burger King, and the company is raising large amounts of cash in preparation for its own expected IPO. What's behind the investor rush to so-called 'clean meat'?

IUF Climate Change Workshop: Secure, stable employment requires action on global warming

14.05.19 News

The role and responsibility of unions in agriculture, meat and dairy faced with global warming was the issue confronting participants from 18 countries in an IUF climate change workshop hosted by the North American UFCW in Omaha, Nebraska May 6-7. These industries are among the key drivers of climate change, and workers face major challenges to the foundations of production and to the future of employment.


Global agreement on sustainable employment in Unilever manufacturing

13.05.19 News

On May 10 in London, the IUF, IndustriALL and Unilever signed an agreement to ensure that the rights of all workers in Unilever manufacturing operations are adequately protected from the potential adverse human rights impacts stemming from the use of non-permanent employment contracts.


Kenya: New CBA brings gains for hotel, restaurant, catering and tourism workers

06.05.19 News

A new two-year collective agreement between the IUF-affiliated KUDHEIHA and the
Kenya Hotelkeepers and Caterers Association (KHCA) brings important gains for workers in some 180 catering, hotel and restaurant establishments and safari clubs, lodges and camps.


UK Labour Party leader Corbyn supports the IUF's Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign

06.05.19 News

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the UK Labour Party, took time out from a busy schedule to express his support for the IUF's Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign.


Hong Kong, Indonesia: global support for Myanmar hotel workers fighting for rights

03.05.19 News

In March, IUF members around the world showed support for 6 imprisoned leaders and members of our affiliate HLOB in Myanmar. The 6 are now free after serving their sentences, but IUF affiliates worldwide are taking action in support of HLOB's fight for the reinstatement of 12 union members and officers terminated last August and 23 members who were terminated in December for refusing to cross the union picket in solidarity with the 12.


Students across Ireland stand against Coca-Cola in #TasteZeroRights campaign

01.05.19 News

The April 2019 national congress of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) voted to endorse SIPTU and the IUF's #TasteZeroRights campaign to  protest Coca-Cola's denial of worker rights in the west of Ireland. USI represents 347,000 students across the island of Ireland.


Union members assaulted at Perfetti Van Melle Bangladesh after calling for an end to child labour

23.04.19 Urgent Action

After a long fight for legal collective bargaining status at global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle's Bangladesh factory, PVM Union leaders and members have been the target of threats and physical assault. Central to this fight against abusive labour practices was the PVM Union's call for an end to the exploitation of child labour supplied by Perfetti Van Melle's third party labour and services provider Rahat Corporation.

The struggle for rights at Perfetti Van Melle continues. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to Perfetti Van Melle now!



#TheCargill14 mark a year of struggle with demonstration at head office

18.04.19 News

The 14 workers fired one year ago for organizing a union at their Cargill factory in Bursa-Orhangazi, Turkey and their union Tekgida-Is are more determined than ever to have their rights respected.

IUF Accor unions reaffirm commitment to organizing and fighting for rights

17.04.19 News

Representatives of unions organizing Accor workers came together in Morocco and formally resolved to intensify efforts to have Accor commit to a signed agreement on working jointly with the IUF to eliminate sexual harassment in Accor-branded hotels.

Canada: Unions win paid leave, support for victims of domestic violence

11.04.19 News

In response to ongoing union campaigns for paid leave and improved support for victims of domestic violence and abuse, Canada's federal Labour Code has been amended to include a clause requiring all federally-regulated workplaces to provide five days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, in cases where a worker or their child is a survivor of such abuse.

Management stands by as thugs assault union members at Perfetti Van Melle factory in Bangladesh

09.04.19 News

On April 9, thugs supplied by a labour contractor at Netherlands-based global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle's factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh launched an organized attack on union members at work. Management stood by as over 20 goons organized by labour and services provider Rahat Corporation entered the factory and sought out, beat and intimidated union members with bats and wooden sticks.


JustTourism: a union web portal in the global hospitality sector promoting fair hotels

09.04.19 News

JustTourism is a new web portal maintained by IUF members in the global hospitality sector providing updated information on hotels which respect trade union rights.



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