Fruit giant Fyffes told it must ensure its workers’ rights are respected

23 January 2017 News

The IUF and the Make Fruit Fair network are calling on Irish fruit transnational Fyffes to end rights abuses on its subsidiary plantations. At the Emergency General Meeting on January 16, 2017 to confirm the takeover of Fyffes by Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo, protesters demanded that Fyffes reinstate workers sacked and blacklisted for joining trade unions in Costa Rica and Honduras, pay unpaid wages, holiday entitlement, education grants and social security contributions, and compensate workers unfairly dismissed because they became pregnant.

Sheraton Brussels: workers thrown on the scrapheap while hotel gets renovated

20 January 2017 News

SheratonBrussels1Two hundred workers at the Sheraton Brussels hotel in Belgium are paying the price of a conflict between the owner, the UK-based property group International Real Estate Ltd, and Starwood, recently bought by Marriott, who managed the establishment. When the owner and management couldn't agree on who should pay for renovation and asbestos removal Sheraton management simply walked away, leaving the workers jobless when bankruptcy was declared.

Egypt: independent union at IFFCO under attack

18 January 2017 Urgent Action

IFFCOstrikesmallWorkers at the IFFCO edible oils factory in Suez, Egypt are fighting to defend their independent union. On January 3, police stormed the factory and arrested 13 striking workers. Twenty-three IFFCO workers and leaders and members of the IFFCO Egypt Labour Union now face crippling fines and jail terms at their sentencing on January 29 for the 'crime' of holding a strike to defend their wages. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO IFFCO AND TO THE PRESIDENT OF EGYPT!

Morocco: workers from throughout the country march in Agadir in support of rights for DOHA fish workers

7 January 2017 News

rahmoun%203Union activists from around the country travelled to Agadir on December 31, 2016 to show their support for the more than 500 workers dismissed by the DOHA fish canning company following a strike and lockout in 2015 and to denounce the court-ordered seizure of the union leader's apartment.

Pakistan: arrested Quetta Serena Hotel unionists back at work, their struggle continues!

3 January 2017 News

The sixty-three members and officers of the IUF-affiliated Quetta Serena Hotel Union who were arrested on November 30 for peacefully gathering in front of the hotel after union members were denied entry are now back at work. Management has not pressed charges nor followed through with disciplinary proceedings, and the provincial High Court has overturned an earlier labour court decision instigated by the hotel management banning union activity at the hotel.

Unions push through tough new Italian legislation to combat human trafficking in agriculture

16 December 2016 News

tomatoesFollowing a sustained mobilization by the IUF's agro-food affiliates, tough new legislation to eliminate human trafficking in agriculture has been ratified by Italy's Parliament and came into effect on November 4. According to FLAI-CGIL, Italy has now established in law, for the first time, the crime of worker exploitation.

Serial rights offender Citra Mina responsible for yet another death

15 December 2016 Urgent Action

Continued rights abuses by the Citra Mina Group, the Philippine's second-largest tuna exporter, have resulted in another worker death. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO SERIAL RIGHTS ABUSER CITRA MINA!

Unions, civil society groups call for political mobilization to reject CETA

7 December 2016 Editorial

The IUF, our sister international Public Services International (PSI) and many trade unions on both sides of the Atlantic including IUF affiliates are among the more than 450 organizations which have issued a call to legislators to reject the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada (click here to read the letter and the list of signatories).

Australian unions beat back union-busting at AB InBev's Carlton United Breweries

7 December 2016 News

Six tough months on the picket line, with strong national and international support, have defeated brutal union-busting by management of Australian brewer Carlton United Breweries, now owned by brewery giant AB InBev.

PepsiCo workers in Pakistan continue fighting for their rights!

5 December 2016 News


Workers at PepsiCo's Frito-Lay plant in Lahore continue fighting for their rights and for their union against a management which refuses to recognize their organization and their demands. Hundreds of union members, backed by the Pakistan Food Workers' Federation and community supporters rallied at the factory gate in November to highlight their demand for an end to the harassment of union members and officers, negotiation on their charter of demands and an end to the massive abuse of casual employment. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO PEPSICO!

Pakistan: protest mass arrest of union members at Quetta Serena Hotel!

2 December 2016 Urgent Action

QTASerenaworkersinpolicecustudysmallSixty-three members and officers of the IUF-affiliated Quetta Serena Hotel Union were arrested on November 30 for peacefully gathering in front of the hotel after union members were denied entry and prevented from performing their jobs. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT!

IUF, Global solidarity with KCTU general strike in Korea

30 November 2016 News

Unions around the world showed their solidarity with the general strike in Korea organized by the KCTU on November 30, including over 100 trade unionists from international and national trade union organizations who rallied in Geneva. The Korean union confederation is demanding an end to anti-union repression and the immediate resignation of President Park Guen-hye. Over 200,000 KCTU members took part in the strike.

Settlement ends 14-week strike at South Africa's Robertson Winery

25 November 2016 News

Following a tough recognition struggle and 14-week strike, CSAAWU, the union representing workers at Robertson Winery in the Western Cape, has reached a settlement which will see workers returning to work on November 28.

Hotel housekeepers stand up around the world for rights, recognition and safe work in Global Action Week

18 November 2016 News


Hotel housekeepers and their unions in 34 countries and over 50 cities around the world held a variety of actions to highlight their fight for rights, recognition and better working conditions during the IUF's 3rd Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action from October 31 to November 6.

Korea: Unions call on government to resign and demand an end to escalating attacks on rights

16 November 2016 News

Up to one million workers and citizens rallied in the Korean capitol Seoul in a national Peoples Rally November 12 to demand the immediate resignation of President Park Geun-hye. Over 150,000 trade unionists also held a Workers' Rally organized by the national center KCTU to highlight demands for the release of all imprisoned trade unionists and an end to the ongoing attacks on democratic rights and workers and their trade unions.


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