AB InBev Oriental Brewery Workers on Strike in Korea

4 August 2017 News

KoreaABInBev3The IUF-affiliated KCTWU OB Union Chapter and OB Labor Union organized at Oriental Brewery owned by AB InBev in Korea held a warning strike today to protest against the failure of the company to engage in good faith bargaining and company violations of the existing collective bargaining agreement.

Malaysia: Shangri-La workers win 13-year fight to restore collective bargaining rights

4 August 2017 News

Members of the IUF-affiliated National Union of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Workers Peninsular Malaysia (NUHBRW) at Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa have won back their collective agreement and restored collective bargaining rights after a 13-year fight.

Tunisia: comprehensive new law on violence against women

2 August 2017 News

On July 26, the Tunisian Parliament unanimously adopted a comprehensive law addressing all forms of violence against women, psychological and economic violence as well as physical.

Unite signs apprenticeship training agreement with pladis in the UK

28 July 2017 News

Unite has signed a 5-year training agreement for apprenticeships at the UK operations of pladis, the transnational biscuit, chocolate and confectionery company owned by Turkish conglomerate Yildiz Holding.

After long fight, national agreement brings gains for fast food workers in Germany

27 July 2017 News

The German Food and Allied Workers Union (NGG) has signed a national agreement with the fast food employers' association following months of nation-wide strikes and national and local protest actions in response to the employers' refusal to pay a living wage.

Italian, Tunisian unions reinforce cooperation to support migrant workers' rights

27 July 2017 News

Against a background of rising xenophobia and closing borders in Europe, the Italian and Tunisian agrofood unions FLAI-CGIL and FGTA-UGTT are expanding their joint efforts to protect the rights of Tunisians working in Italy's agricultural and related sectors.

UFCW success at Unilever US

26 July 2017 News

Members of UFCW Local 400 approved a first collective agreement on July 24 which brings significant gains for workers at Unilever's Lipton tea factory in Suffolk, Virginia. Member ratification of the agreement brings to fruition an organizing and bargaining effort which began last year.

Hotel workers win back service charge, defend wage rights in Malaysia

25 July 2017 News

GrandMilleniumprotestdetailWhen the government introduced a new minimum wage law in 2012, the hotel employers' association reacted by attempting to withdraw the distribution of service charge to workers and instead use service charge revenue to meet the new minimum wage requirements.

Spain: trade unionists convicted in continuing government attack on the right to strike

20 July 2017 News

Spainrighttostrike2The government of Spain continues its attack on the right to strike, a fundamental human right. On June 17, two UGT union representatives were convicted by a Madrid criminal court of taking part in a peaceful informational picket in Madrid during the March 29, 2012 general strike.

US unionists return to Phillips Seafood restaurants in solidarity with Indonesian workers

19 July 2017 News

disposablejobsThe United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) returned to leaflet customers of US Phillips Seafood restaurants in support of IUF members at the Phillips Seafood processing plant in Lampung, Indonesia where the union is fighting for permanent jobs for workers who have been employed up to 15 years without a permanent contract.

Now recognized, Arbeit Workers' Union starts negotiations with McDonald's Korea

18 July 2017 News

On ALBAApril 11, 2017 McDonald's Korea announced the recognition of IUF affiliate Arbeit Workers' Union as the collective bargaining representative for McDonald's workers. The union formally established a McDonald's chapter in November 2016.

Iran: Haft Tapeh sugar workers are fighting for their wages, pensions and rights!

17 July 2017 Urgent Action

1084Workers at the giant Haft Tapeh sugar cane plantation and mill complex in the southern city of Shush have always had to fight for their wages and their rights. In 2008, workers formed an independent union - affiliated to the IUF - following a 42-day strike to demand long-standing wage arrears. Conditions have worsened since the company was privatized in 2015. The workers and their union face repression as they once again demonstrate to claim massive wage and benefit arrears. CLICK HERE to send a message to the Iranian authorities in support of the workers' demands.

Gains in new collective agreement for fast food workers in New Zealand

13 July 2017 News

Unitelogo_1The IUF-affiliated Unite Union has reached agreement with Restaurant Brands, the company which manages KFC, Starbucks, Carls Jr and Pizza Hut, on a new two-year collective agreement which has been approved by 98% of its members.

IUF and Sodexo sign international agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

10 July 2017 News

The IUF has signed an international agreement with the French-based catering and services provider Sodexo on measures to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace. The IUF-Sodexo Joint Commitment, based on a shared recognition that sexual harassment is a human rights violation and that women working in the services are exposed to high levels of risk, sets out a policy and procedures for ensuring zero tolerance. 

Spain: Unions challenge fake 'service providers' impoverishing hotel workers

10 July 2017 News

'Multi-service providers'  have prospered under Spain's 2012 austerity-driven labour market 'reforms' in hotels and the wider service sector. Employees are dismissed and then re-employed by the service company, still performing their previous job but at a fraction of their previous wage. Under this scheme, 120,000 hotel housekeepers in Spain have lost 40% of their pay since 2012.


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