LGBTI workers' rights are human rights

8 December 2017 News

LGBTIOn this International Human Rights Day, the IUF joins with all those around the world calling for the full recognition of LGBTI rights as human rights.

Honduras: a stolen election and the legacy of a coup d'état

6 December 2017 Editorial

TSEOn November 26, citizens of Honduras went to the polls to elect a new president. The election was stolen, triggering a new crisis in a country tormented by violence, corruption and judicial impunity.

Iran: Four months without wages! Haft Tapeh sugar workers launch strikes and demonstrations

4 December 2017 Urgent Action

On December 2, workers at the giant Haft Tapeh sugar cane plantation and mill complex in Shush launched a new round of strikes and demonstrations after more than four months without wages or benefits. The workers and their families are hungry, and they need your support. CLICK HERE to send a message to the Iranian authorities.

Coca-Cola Amatil's Zero Rights Christmas Truck is here for the Holidays!

4 December 2017 News

small5Coca-Cola's famous Christmas Truck has already begun making the holiday rounds as people in many parts of the world gear up for their festive season. Naturally there's also a fridge stuffed with Coca-Cola Amatil's new Zero Rights.

NUW success converting casual to permanent jobs at Asahi Australia

2 December 2017 News

The IUF-affiliated National Union of Workers has signed an agreement at the Asahi-owned bottled water factory in Albury-Wodonga following a long campaign to bring the company to negotiate the creation of permanent jobs for the many workers stuck in casual employment.

Froneri ice cream workers take their fight from Italy to Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland

30 November 2017 News

NestleFroneriVevey0A delegation of 50 Froneri workers and their trade union representatives from FLAI-CGIL and UILA-UIL travelled on 29 November from Parma in Italy to Switzerland to carry their fight against the closure of their ice cream factory to Nestlé's doorstep.

New Zealand Employment Court rules LSG Sky Chefs is the real employer of agency workers

30 November 2017 Feature

The New Zealand Employment Court has issued a major decision in a case brought by the IUF-affiliated E Tu on behalf of two agency workers who were employed at airline catering giant LSG Sky Chefs. The union requested the Court declare that they were employees, not fictitious 'independent contractors', and that the real employer was LSG Sky Chefs.  The Court agreed.

Protest action in Indonesia against Coca-Cola Amatil continues despite Bali airport shutdown

30 November 2017 News

cokeprotestbaliIUF members from across Indonesia held a protest against attacks on trade union rights at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia at the Coca-Cola Balinusa Operation Headquarters and distribution center in Bali on November 29.

Response to Mondelez New Zealand closure shows global brands' fading veneer

25 November 2017 Feature

The gloss is peeling off 'global brands', whose makers have built their marketing and production on the assumption that the brand name alone is sufficiently powerful to efface all interest in where goods are produced, or under what conditions.

IUF, ITF working together to defend rights and lift standards in airline catering

24 November 2017 News

The IUF and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) jointly convened an international trade union meeting in Baltimore, USA November 15-16 on organizing to raise standards in airline catering.

Attack on independent unions at Coca-Cola in Indonesia continues with termination of union chairman

23 November 2017 Urgent Action

LutfiManagement at Coca-Cola Indonesia continues to attack independent unions, with the full knowledge of The Coca-Cola Company and its regional bottler, Coca-Cola Amatil based in Australia.

Unions mobilizing against sexual harassment in hotels and restaurants: We are not on the menu/Hands off pants on

23 November 2017 News

notonthemenuIUF members around the world are taking action to combat the rampant sexual harassment to which workers are subjected in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.

Trade unions must act to stop violence against women

21 November 2017 Editorial

StopViolenceAgainstWomenWomen are constantly exposed to violence in the workplace, ranging from sexual harassment to physical assault. Real and threatened violence underpins the systematic gender discrimination which pervades our workplaces and our societies. The United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - November 25 - is an opportunity for unions around the world to mobilize for action against all forms of gender-based violence, but particularly at the workplace, where unions can make a difference.

Indonesia: workers fighting for their rights following instant factory closure by pineapple giant GreatGiant Pineapple

8 November 2017 Urgent Action

UmasJayaIn May 2016 management at the Umas Jaya Agrotama factory in Lampung, Indonesia announced the plant’s immediate closure, without prior notice or negotiations with the union. After more than one-and-a-half years, two hundred workers at the facility, the majority of them members of the IUF-affiliated SBMUJA, have still not received their final month’s pay, and the company refuses to negotiate. CLICK HERE to send a message to parent company GreatGiant Pineapple!

Hong Kong: Unions and allies demand collective bargaining rights

1 November 2017 News

Just prior to the handover of Hong Kong to mainland China in 1997, legislators representing the independent, democratic labour movement managed to gain support to pass laws guaranteeing the right to collective bargaining for the first time. Immediately after the handover - just two weeks later - the laws were struck down. Since then workers in Hong Kong have been denied the right to bargain collectively.


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