India: SEWA calls on government to recognize the rights of informal sector workers in new wage legislation

24.04.18 News

The vast majority of India's waged workforce fall outside the coverage of the government's proposed new Code on Wages. The Self-Employed women's Association (SEWA) is campaigning to bring recognition and rights for informal sector workers, including home-based and domestic workers, within the scope of the legislation.

Subsidizing Mondelez in Canada: the Ontario government's 22 million dollar cash gift

19.04.18 News

mondelez-sticker-en_Final%20resizedCanada's Ontario government is rewarding Mondelez a cash gift of 22.6 million Canadian dollars for `skills development and capital investment' at its non-union East York (Ontario) facility- a factory which over the past 5 years has taken over production from two union sites which the company has closed.



International union support for independent unions in Belarus

19.04.18 News

An international union delegation of representatives of the IUF, IndustriAll, PSI and the ITUC held a demonstration in support of the independent trade union movement at the Geneva diplomatic mission of the Republic of Belarus on April 18.

Peru: 2-day national strike against attacks on trade union rights at AB InBev's Backus

19.04.18 News

PeruABInBev1Peru's brewery giant Backus has been aggressively attacking its workers and their rights since being acquired by AB InBev in late 2016, dismissing some 1,500 workers and replacing them with casual employees.

Pennsylvania Mission Foods workers organize, fight and win a first collective bargaining agreement

17.04.18 News
Workers at Mission Foods in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania have voted to approve a 3-year collective bargaining agreement and officially join United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1776 following union organizing efforts dating back to 2006. 

India: Supreme Court orders payment of wages and benefits owed tea workers for 15 years

14.04.18 News

In response to legal action by the IUF together with the affiliated Estates' Staff Union of South India (ESUSI) and other unions, the Supreme Court of India has ordered the governments of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to make interim payment of long standing wage and benefit arrears to tea workers within 60 days.

Union action for more and better jobs for women on banana plantations in Ghana

11.04.18 News

The IUF and Banana Link have recently facilitated workshops for affiliated unions  as part of the push for more and better jobs for women workers on the plantations. 

Germany: union support for food delivery workers fighting for rights in the 'platform economy'

09.04.18 News

Deliveroo1The German Food and Allied Workers (NGG) are giving strong support to bicycle couriers fighting for their rights at the food delivery 'platforms' Foodora and Deliveroo, who together employ over 4,000 workers in dozens of cities. A day of national action against exploitation, precarious work and union-busting at Deliveroo is planned for April 13.


Philippines: RESPECT calls for wider application of government order making thousands of fast food workers permanent

08.04.18 News

The Respect Fast Food Workers' Alliance (RESPECT) won an important partial victory in their long-running campaign for fast food workers' rights to secure jobs when the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on April 3 ordered Jollibee to convert 6,400 casual workers to direct, permanent employment.

Contract workers win permanent jobs at Danone Netherlands

25.03.18 News

As a direct result of successful local negotiations by the IUF-affiliated FNV based on the IUF-Danone Agreement on Sustainable Employment and Access to Rights, 45 long-term contract workers have moved onto permanent contracts at the Danone/Nutricia research center in the Netherlands.

World Water Day: women workers on Indian tea plantations supplying global brands demand their right to water and sanitation

22.03.18 News connection with World Water Day, March 22, women workers on tea plantations in the states of Assam and West Bengal held meetings and rallies to highlight their continued lack of access to a fundamental human right: the right to water and sanitation. 



IUF women around the world demand EQUALITY NOW! on International Women's Day

16.03.18 News

On March 8, International Women's Day (IWD), IUF affiliates around the world took action to demand EQUALITY NOW! They also strongly underlined the need to stop violence against women at work and in society.

Now it's official: six-year union drive wins workplace health standard for hotel housekeepers

15.03.18 News

HousekeeperpainOn March 9, the state of California officially approved the first ergonomic standard in the United States written specifically to protect hotel housekeepers, capping a 6-year initiative by UNITE HERE.


International solidarity with Phillips Seafood Indonesia workers

15.03.18 News

International union delegates to IUF meat and dairy division steering meetings in San Francisco, USA showed their support for the struggle for decent jobs at Phillips Seafood Indonesia with an informational picket at one of Phillips' principal US retail outlets, CostCo, on March 14.

Rights violations escalate at AB InBev India

08.03.18 News

IndiaIUF1The IUF is demanding that AB InBev makes sure that management at its Sonepat, India factory reinstates sacked union leaders and members and enters into good faith negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement with Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union.


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