Philippines: SENTRO condemns government's sweeping new police powers, reaffirms commitment to defending democratic rights

11.06.20 News

SENTRO, the trade union center affiliated to the IUF through its food, beverage and HRCT membership, has denounced new legislation which grants the government sweeping new police powers and vowed to continue fighting to defend democratic rights.


Collective action beats back anti-union aggression by management at AB InBev Honduras

04.06.20 News

Collective protests and a work stoppage have restored respect for union rights at AB InBev's Cervecería Hondureña plant in San Pedro Sula, which also bottles products for Coca-Cola.




Coca-Cola Indonesia exploits COVID-19 lock-down to impose secret collective agreement, undercutting the rights and benefits of 6,000 workers

03.06.20 News

As Indonesia moved into lock-down in late March, Coca-Cola management secretly signed a new national collective agreement with the pro-management national union structure created decades ago during the Suharto military dictatorship to suppress workers' rights. This agreement effectively imposes new terms and conditions on more than 6,000 Coca-Cola workers without any of them being able to obtain a copy of the actual agreement and read it.


Standing with our sisters and brothers in Hong Kong

02.06.20 Editorial

Mainland China's designated rulers in Hong Kong failed to squash the democracy movement, so the government in Beijing has decided to do the job itself. The May 28 vote by China's rubber-stamp parliament paves the way for China's Party-State to impose on Hong Kong a draconian national security law and security agencies to enforce it.

Italy: Union push brings breakthrough in protecting migrant worker rights

29.05.20 News

Sustained organizing and engagement by our Italian agro-food affiliate FLAI-CGIL has won landmark government action to protect the rights, health and safety of migrant workers in agriculture and other sectors.



Iran: Hungry sugar workers amid massive corruption

27.05.20 News

Omid Asadbeigi, owner of the giant Haft Tapeh agro-industrial sugar complex in Shush, is currently on trial in Tehran along with twenty other defendants charged with currency smuggling, illegal transactions and bribery totaling some USD 1.4 billion, a huge sum of money in cash-strapped Iran. The dollars for Haft Tapeh were ostensibly to finance investment in new machinery for the country's leading sugar producer, but Haft Tapeh workers have not been paid their wages since mid-March.

IUF LGBTI Workers & Allies' Committee: Keep workplaces safe and free from discrimination!

26.05.20 News

An alarming increase in violence, discrimination and harassment against LGBTI people has accompanied the COVID-19 emergency, and the IUF and its members are committed to keeping workplaces safe for all workers and free of discrimination. At a virtual May 18 meeting of the IUF LGBTI Workers & Allies' Committee to mark the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, guest speakers and union representatives reported an increase in violence and threats in countries including Brazil, Hungary, Turkey and the USA. 



International union coalition demands action to combat sexual harassment at McDonald's restaurants

19.05.20 News

The IUF and our regional European organization EFFAT-IUF have joined with the IUF-affiliated SEIU in the USA and Canada and the Brazilian national trade union center UGT to demand action to address sexual harassment at McDonald's restaurants around the world.



UN Human Rights experts: every worker must be protected!

18.05.20 News

A group of UN human rights experts have called on governments "to ensure preventative and precautionary measures are in place to protect every worker" as restrictions are eased and work resumes. "Every worker is essential", they declare in a statement published on May 18, "no matter what category is applied to them by States or businesses. Every worker has the right to be protected from exposure to hazards in the workplace, including the coronavirus."


Tell the government of Canada action is urgently needed to protect food workers' lives and safety!

18.05.20 Urgent Action

Workers at meat plants across Canada are at high risk in the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1,400 of these workers have been infected; some are in critical condition, and some have died.  The federal government has announced tens of millions of dollars in aid for the companies, but no measures have been announced to ensure worker health and safety. The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) of Canada are insisting that support for the food industry must include a commitment to protect the lives, health and safety of food workers.  Canada's food workers need action now -  CLICK HERE  to sign the UFCW petition to the federal government.


Meat and poultry workers in the center of a global coronavirus hotspot

16.05.20 News

The North American meat industry, with its giant plants concentrating thousands of workers and intense line speeds, has generated particular scrutiny in the current public health emergency, but the susceptibility of meat and poultry processing facilities to the rapid spread of viral infection is a global phenomenon. Significant outbreaks have occurred at meatpacking facilities in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain, and continue to spread.


IUF action to defend LGBTI people and their rights under threat in COVID-19 emergency

15.05.20 News

In connection with the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) on May 17, the IUF will hold a special virtual meeting of its LGBTI and allies committee to gather information about the impacts of COVID-19 and develop responses.





Police intimidation, management threats and rights violations at Arcor Argentina

15.05.20 News

On May 4, police entered the Bagley biscuit factory in Arroyito, Córdoba and attempted to arrest workers and union representatives preparing a meeting on safety measures to deal with the coronavirus hazard. According to the union, Bagley has not been paying the obligatory bonuses and premiums and refuses to pay wages to workers legally entitled to stay home to care for their children during the pandemic.

Profiting from pandemic: State governments in India move to eliminate trade union rights and worker protections

13.05.20 News

In India, the attack on fundamental rights at the workplace is accelerating under cover of promoting economic recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 emergency.

Trafficking, exploitation and death: the human cost of unregulated, illegal fishing

13.05.20 News

Video evidence and media reports detailing gross abuses aboard a Chinese fishing vessel operating with migrant seafarers have again shone a spotlight on the violence and human trafficking proliferating in the global fishing industry.



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