Now it's official: six-year union drive wins workplace health standard for hotel housekeepers

15.03.18 News

HousekeeperpainOn March 9, the state of California officially approved the first ergonomic standard in the United States written specifically to protect hotel housekeepers, capping a 6-year initiative by UNITE HERE.


International solidarity with Phillips Seafood Indonesia workers

15.03.18 News

International union delegates to IUF meat and dairy division steering meetings in San Francisco, USA showed their support for the struggle for decent jobs at Phillips Seafood Indonesia with an informational picket at one of Phillips' principal US retail outlets, CostCo, on March 14.

Rights violations escalate at AB InBev India

08.03.18 News

IndiaIUF1The IUF is demanding that AB InBev makes sure that management at its Sonepat, India factory reinstates sacked union leaders and members and enters into good faith negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement with Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union.

EQUALITY NOW! For an international Convention to stop violence against women at work

05.03.18 News

IUF_8March_English_NA%20%282%29The International Women's Day celebrated by IUF affiliates this year is devoted to the struggle to end violence against women, violence which is rooted in resistance to equality. Sexually harassing a woman is an insidious reminder that she has no right to be at work. This is why this struggle is everybody's business, and why the trade union role is so vital.

HKScan meat workers in Estonia strike for rights, recognition and a collective agreement

02.03.18 News

StrikingMeatWorkersEstoniaHKScanWorkers on the slaughter line at the HKScan meat factory in Rakvere, Estonia have been on strike since February 6 for their right to union recognition and a wage increase through collective bargaining.




The battle over TiSA: when everything is a service, a Trade in Services Agreement affects everyone

23.02.18 Feature

Since 2013, a conclave of governments  calling themselves 'The Really Good Friends of Services', has been negotiating a secretive 'Trade in Services Agreement' (TiSA) that would set the rules for twenty-first century capitalism and place these rules beyond the reach of government regulation, now and in the future.

Haft Tapeh workers in Iran win unpaid wages after months of struggle

22.02.18 News

HaftTapehwagespaid2The long struggle by workers and their union at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Shush, Iran to secure wages unpaid since July 2017 has ended with full payment of the massive wage arrears to all company workers. Permanent and temporary Haft Tapeh workers have now been paid their arrears through mid-January of this year.

Conversion of casual to permanent work at Mondelez (Cadbury) Pakistan

18.02.18 News

At its annual general meeting on February 16, the Mondelez (Cadbury) Progressive Employees Union celebrated the conversion of 94 long term casuals to permanent jobs. The casual workers were employed at the Cadbury plant for several years through corrupt labour hire agencies that exploited workers' insecurity and vulnerability.

Launch of first-ever independent federation of food workers in Indonesia

14.02.18 News

On February 2 and 3, sixteen independent unions came together in Yogyakarta to form the first ever independent union federation of food workers in Indonesia, FSBMM, a historic step in building independent and democratic union power in the food and beverage sectors in Indonesia.

Nestlé workers from France demonstrate in Switzerland

13.02.18 News

GaldermaDemo5smallNearly 200 workers from the Nestlé-Galderma research centre near Nice in the south of France travelled overnight by bus to demonstrate in front of Nestlé headquarters in Vevey.



Outsourced Holiday Inn workers in France end their strike with important gains

12.02.18 News

nonalasoustraitanceRoom cleaners and other outsourced workers at the Holiday Inn in Clichy, France ended their 111-day strike on February 8 by signing an agreement with the hotel's subcontractor Héméra which brings important gains.


International unions press Algerian government to respect trade union rights

05.02.18 News

solidaritywithsnategs2On February 5, an international trade union delegation of representatives of the IUF, our sister internationals PSI and IndustriAll and the ITUC delivered a letter to the government of Algeria at the country's Geneva embassy condemning the ongoing repression of independent trade unions.

Haft Tapeh sugar workers in Iran now over 6 months without wages!

29.01.18 Urgent Action

HaftTapehPayourWagesWorkers at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Sush last received their wages on July 11. Local police and government authorities, rather than acting to ensure payment of wages and social security benefits, are enforcing wage theft and brutality. The workers and their union, an IUF affiliate, continue to hold work stoppages and demonstrations.

Fast food workers in Thailand win first collective bargaining agreements

29.01.18 News


Fast food workers at one of the largest, nation-wide KFC franchises in Thailand have won their first collective bargaining agreements. 



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