'Behaviour-based safety' programs undermine safe workplaces and worker solidarity

16 January 2019 News

A new paper from the IUF Food Processing Division explains how and why ‘Behaviour-based safety’ programs are designed to shift responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace from employers onto workers, how they undermine solidarity and organization based on collective bargaining and how unions can fight back against them.

International delegation to the UK builds broad support for Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign

15 January 2019 News

An international IUF delegation highlighted the ongoing human rights attacks by Coca-Cola in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA with activities in the UK and in Ireland in December.


Building our unions: the power of young workers

8 January 2019 News

Organizing and mobilizing young workers is a key task for all IUF affiliates.

Agreement follows sustained mobilization against aggressive restructuring at Nestlé Germany

7 January 2019 News

Commitment and solidarity have resulted in a comprehensive agreement covering workers affected by restructuring.

Denmark: 3F organizes for a collective agreement for Tivoli Gardens fast food workers

3 January 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) is organizing to bring under a collective agreement a group of fast food restaurants in Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens many of whose primarily young workers are employed under precarious conditions and denied basic benefits including pension contributions.

Fair trade certification for Fyffes' union-busting melons revoked under pressure

21 December 2018 News

Suragroh4Fair Trade USA, in response to organized pressure, has revoked the fair trade certification for melons sold in the US produced by Irish fresh fruit giant Fyffes on their Suragroh plantations in Honduras. Suragroh-Fyffes workers have faced continuous retaliation for joining STAS, the Honduran union organizing workers on fruit, sugar cane and palm oil plantations.

Myanmar: Police arrest protest marchers after destroying Hotel Tharabar Gate workers’ solidarity camp

12 December 2018 News

TharabarCampDestroyed1smallPolice acting on the orders of local authorities have destroyed the solidarity camp continuously maintained on public space since October 12 by union members at the Hotel Tharabar Gate together with family members and supporters. A union march to the regional government authority protesting this attack was then dispersed and 13 trade union members were arrested.

New agreement follows strikes at JDE Netherlands

12 December 2018 News

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) workers in the Netherlands and their union FNV have a new collective bargaining agreement following two effective 24-hour strikes in Joure and Utrecht on November 19 and November 22.

IUF international delegation brings the Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign to Coke workers in Europe

6 December 2018 News

SwedenAn international IUF campaign delegation made up of union leaders representing Coca-Cola workers in Indonesia and the Philippines visited IUF affiliates organizing Coca-Cola workers in Germany, Belgium and Sweden from November 28 to December 3.

San Francisco Marriott workers return to work with important gains, ending nationwide US hotel strikes

6 December 2018 News

MarriottSFsettlementStriking members of UNITE HERE at 7 Marriott San Francisco hotels voted overwhelmingly to approve a new agreement after two months on the picket line, closing 9 weeks of strikes at Marriott involving close to 8,000 workers across the country.

Global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle is attacking rights in Bangladesh

27 November 2018 Urgent Action

1133 UPDATE  - On January 14, 2019, the Perfetti Van Melle BD Pvt. Ltd. Employees' Union finally secured legal registration despite massive management interference. The company must now recognize the union and negotiate a first collective agreement. 

Dutch-based confectioner Perfetti Van Melle, makers of Mentos, Chupa Chups and Alpenliebe among other global brands, doesn't believe workers in Bangladesh have the right to form a union, and is aggressively attacking workers attempting to form one. CLICK HERE to send a message to the company!

Indonesia: Coca-Cola workers resisting anti-union dismissals take their struggle to company headquarters

27 November 2018 News

CokeBandungCaravanMembers of the independent union at Coca-Cola in Bandung took their fight for rights to the company's national office in Jakarta on November 19 following a week-long collective refusal by victimized workers to leave the factory.

FNV and NGG members strike Jacobs Douwe Egberts in the Netherlands and in Germany

23 November 2018 News

Picture%20with%20flagsJacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) workers in Utrecht, Netherlands and in 7 German locations took strike action on November 22. In Utrecht, workers successfully shut down production at JDE for 24 hours, the duration of the strike. NGG traveled with a group of striking German JDE workers to Utrecht to join some 200 FNV JDE strikers in a show of solidarity.

Iran: Military deployed as Haft Tapeh workers continue their strike for unpaid wages

21 November 2018 News

Workers at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Shush continue their 18-day strike and mass protests to claim wages which have not been paid since August against a background of skyrocketing living costs. Local sources now report that the military has been dispatched to Shush.

Hotel workers in Myanmar are fighting for their rights!

20 November 2018 Urgent Action

1132Workers who formed a union at the Hotel Tharabar Gate in the heart of the country's famous Bagan Archeological Zone have been fighting for rights and recognition since 2015. On August 24 this year, management terminated the union chairman, along with 11 other workers, including two members of the union executive and 7 active union members. CLICK HERE to send a message to management of the Hotel Tharabar Gate.


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