Australia: Historic gender pay decision narrows pay gap

4 February 2012 News

Fair Work Australia has found in favour of the Australian Services Union in a claim for 150,000 community workers in Australia. The decision will raise the pay of mainly female workers by 40 to 65 per cent over the coming eight years.

Domestic workers strike in the Netherlands/new agreement in Italy

3 February 2012 News

Thousands of domestic workers and cleaners have been on strike and marching in the streets of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities since the beginning of January.

IUF condemns Turkish government's new trade union legislation for failure to respect international standards

3 February 2012 News

Trade union rights in Turkey have long been a cause of concern for the global trade union movement. As a result of legislation imposed by the military regime in 1980, workers in Turkey have been denied their basic rights to freely organize in trade unions, to bargain collectively and to take strike action.

Honduran landowners' war on peasant movement claims 45th victim

1 February 2012 News

The two-year war against thousands of peasant families and their organizations fighting to defend their lands and cooperatives and to reclaim land stolen by large oil palm growers in the northeast Honduran region of Bajo Aguán has taken a new innocent life. On January 20 two gunmen on motorcycles murdered Matías Valle, former vice president of the United Peasants Movement of Aguán (MUCA).

Savage Lockout at Grenada Breweries!

23 January 2012 Urgent Action

Grenada, an island in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, can be heaven for tourists but Grenada Breweries Company turned it into a hell for workers as 125 of them were locked out just before Christmas on December 19, 2011.

Unite releases Unilever film to kick off new strikes over snatched pensions

17 January 2012 News

The UK's Unite has launched a film to kick off the second round of national strike action with rolling strikes at 12 Unilever sites across the UK, including manufacturing plants, R&D and informational technology centers. The strikes are set to run from January 18 to 28.

Compass Algeria - IUF and company agree settlement

16 January 2012 News

Following a series of discussions, including mediation talks under the auspices of the OECD UK National Contact point, the IUF and the Compass Group have reached a settlement on issues raised by the IUF relating to Eurest operations in Algeria.

Coca-Cola workers protest against closure of their factory in Lodz, Poland

13 January 2012 News

Despite heavy snow fall, about 100 protesters gathered in front of the Coca-Cola factory in Lodz January 13th to denounce management’s plans to close the factory in a sudden brutal move. Despite the bad weather conditions, some workers had brought their families and kids.

Carlsberg's attacks on trade union rights supported by Lithuanian court decision to declare beer an 'essential service' !

12 January 2012 Urgent Action

Brewery transnational Carlsberg is attacking trade union rights in Lithuania with the support of the country's legal system, which has declared beer production an "essential service".

New strikes loom as UK Unilever unions step up fight to restore 'snatched' pensions

11 January 2012 News

Following the successful first-ever 24-hour national strike at Unilever UK last December 9, unions at Unilever's 13 UK sites have voted to launch a new round of strikes lasting up to 12 days beginning January 17 in the escalating fight to reclaim their final salary-based pension scheme - and showed their resolve with an energetic protest outside the company's London headquarters January 10.

IUF pledges full support to striking Nigerian affiliates

9 January 2012 News

Late last year the Federal government of Nigeria gave a hint that it would deregulate the downstream of the oil sector by removing subsidy from the sales for local consumption. The labour movement and civil society opposed the move calling for prior measures to be put in place to protect the masses of the country.

Cambodia: Dismissed luxury hotel workers face 'cultural protection' police and political pressure

6 January 2012 Urgent Action

Five months after their mass dismissal for exercising their fundamental right to form a union, 67 workers continue to hold peaceful demonstrations daily in front of the five star Angkor Village Hotel and Angkor Village Botanical Resort Hotel in Siem Reap. Ignoring court orders and growing international condemnation, the hotel owners, Olivier Piot and Tep Vattho, have responded with more fabricated charges against the workers and wielded political influence through a local government agency whose official role is to protect the Angkor World Heritage Site.

Accra, Ghana: Largest ever African regional conference charts future for IUF Africa

4 January 2012 News

Under the theme “Winning union rights and food rights” the 9th African regional conference in Accra December 6 and 7 brought together over 130 representatives of IUF affiliates and proved to be the largest and most dynamic in the region’s history.

Nestlé's end of year lottery - on the wrong shift? OK then "you're fired"

25 December 2011 News

On December 25, a day that for many symbolizes the spirit of generous human kindness, the actions of the world’s biggest food company in 2011 were far from generous for many of its workers in Indonesia.

Trading away the right to food at the WTO

23 December 2011 Editorial

The only thing of note to happen at the December 15-17 WTO ministerial summit was the occasion it provided for WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy to attack the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter. De Schutter's briefing note to the meeting called for fundamental changes in the WTO rules to give member states the room to meet their obligation to ensure the right to food.


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