Moldova sugar workers demand their wages - and their union leaders' freedom

16 February 2011 Urgent Action

Union members from Moldova’s  bankrupt Glodeni-Zahar sugar company – formerly the largest in the country -  made the 3-hour journey to the capital Chisinau today to demonstrate in defense of their wages and their union leaders’ freedom. Workers at the plant, which at its peak employed some 500 people, have not been paid their wages since June 2009.

Nestlé Russia violates trade union rights in sale of Barnaul chocolate factory

9 February 2011 News

On 18 December 2010 Nestlé Russia announced the sale of its Altai confectionary plant, located in Barnaul in Central Russia. The workforce – who are part of the sale – were informed the previous day.

Nowera Nuddy tea workers journey to Kolkata to demand justice at Tata-Tetley's Indian HQ

8 February 2011 News

Workers on the Nowera Nuddy tea estate in northern West Bengal, India and their Progressive Tea Workers Union (PTWU) are as determined as ever to win justice. A contingent of workers, all PTWU members, travelled the 650 kilometers from their plantation to Kolkata on February 4 to press their demands in a rally outside the Indian headquarters of Tata Global Beverages (TGB).

Democracy now!

4 February 2011 Editorial

The mass democratic revolt which began in Tunisia and is now spreading through North Africa and the Middle East has panicked, surprised and inspired. The panic is not limited to those with hard currency bank accounts searching for a safe haven for their cash, politicians scrambling for a comfortable exile and embassies and foreign offices undoubtedly burning and shredding the evidence of their complicity. It extends to all who profited – in the region and abroad - from their multiple links with a system of plunder nourished on violence and oppression.

Social revolt boosts struggle against casual employment at Coca-Cola Tunisia - union negotiates abolition of agency work

1 February 2011 News

The mass revolt in Tunisia which drove Ben Ali from power has also changed the balance of power within companies. Trade unions played a crucial coordination and organizing role in the social upheaval.  At Coca-Cola’s Tunisian bottler SFBT, unions have seized the opportunity to negotiate an end to agency work and roll back the abusive use of precarious employment contracts.

The IUF spoke on February 1 with Houcine Krimi, responsible for transnational companies at our affiliate FGAT-UGTT.

How did Coca-Cola workers respond to the mass protests in the country?

IUF and FLOC launch campaign for justice and an end to impunity in Mexico

28 January 2011 Urgent Action

On April 9, 2007, 29-year-old FLOC organizer Santiago Rafael Cruz was bound with rope and beaten to death in FLOC’s Monterrey office. Cruz had only recently arrived in Mexico after 4 years as a FLOC organizer in the US. The IUF-affiliated Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) in 2005 had set up an office in Monterrey, Mexico – the first of its kind - to assist these workers in obtaining the necessary visas and educating them about their rights.

Tata Group tea workers determined to claim their rights

20 January 2011 Urgent Action

Over 550 tea workers, two-thirds of them women, rallied on the Nowera Nuddy tea estate in West Bengal, India on January 16 to launch a new stage in their campaign for their rights after management failed to respond to a January 15 deadline to meet their long-standing demands. Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate is owned by Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited, a company 49% owned by Tata Global Beverages, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s powerful Tata Group conglomerate.

UGTT takes strike action in support of Tunisia protests

14 January 2011 News

On Friday, 14 January 2011, workers organized within the UGTT (General Union of Tunisian Workers), including the IUF-affiliated food and tourism federation FGAT, took part in a two-hour general strike in protest against the government’s violent suppression of the popular uprising in the face of the country’s economic problems, high unemployment and the corruption of the presidential family.

EU regulation of private equity: results and prospects

14 January 2011 News

Following 18 months of negotiations, the first-ever legislative regulation of private equity through a binding Directive was adopted by the European Parliament at the close of last year and will come into effect in 2013. What’s in it for workers?

Impunity for anti-union violence in Colombia: ongoing and worsening

12 January 2011 News

Colombia leads the world in anti-union violence, accounting in 2009 for nearly half of the global count of murdered trade union members and leaders. A new report from the US Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP) shows that judicial impunity continues and is worsening, nurturing and encouraging the violence.

Sugar and starch TNC Roquette in the dock at the OECD

4 January 2011 News

The US AFL-CIO and the global union federation ICEM have joined the IUF in lodging a formal complaint against French-based sugar- and starchmaker Roquette Frères for violating the Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Free - but for how long? House arrest ends but Glodeni union leaders still facing legal charges

21 December 2010 News

The Court of Appeal of Moldova has ordered the immediate release of the five union leaders from the Glodeni sugar plant workers' union who have been under house arrest for several weeks.

Ethical chicken, caged workers - support the NUW at Australia's Baiada Poultry

20 December 2010 Urgent Action

Australia’s National Union of Workers (NUW) is stepping up its campaign in support of workers at Baiada, the country’s largest poultry producer, by calling on the company’s main bank and largest retailer to insist that Baida guarantee ethical employment standards

Pearl Continental union leader wins reinstatement, major morale boost for union

15 December 2010 News

In a morale boosting win for the IUF’s affiliate at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan, union vice-president Nasreen Reshad won her case in the labour appellant court and has been reinstated with full benefits.

Nasreen was working at the health club of the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi and was dismissed in 2002 together with other workers for fighting for her rights to union membership and bargaining rights.

Production canned as 1200 UK Heinz workers set to walk out for 24 hours

15 December 2010 News

Nearly 1200 Heinz workers will stop production at the food giant Heinz's flagship UK plant near Wigan just before 10pm (tonight) in protest at the lousy pay deal on offer from the vastly profitable company.


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