Week of strikes at Hyatt USA

28 September 2011 News

September 14 marked the final day of weeklong strikes by UNITE HERE members at Hyatt hotels in Honolulu, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with each local union holding large actions with hundreds of workers on the picket lines.

Jamaican union wins reinstatement of dismissed Iberostar hotel workers

28 September 2011 News

Jamaica's University and Allied Workers' Union has won reinstatement for over 360 Iberostar employees dismissed in August 2009 for alleged reasons of redundancy.

UFCW legal victory wins back payment for thousands of Tyson poultry workers

20 September 2011 News

A settlement has been approved by a US court awarding USD 32 million to more than 17,000 Tyson poultry workers in 41 plants in 12 states, the culmination of a long struggle for compensation for work already performed initiated by the IUF-affiliated UFCW 12 years ago.

American Crystal Sugar locks out 1,300 workers across 7 factories

9 September 2011 News

On August 1, American Crystal Sugar, the largest sugar beet processor in the US (a farmer-owned coop) locked out 1,300 BCTGM members when they refused, after minimal bargaining, to accept the company's re-draft of the collective agreement.

Justice and union jobs for all Hershey workers!

8 September 2011 Urgent Action

The walkout by some 400 "educational exchange" workers at a facility packing and distributing products for US chocolate maker Hershey has exposed one of corporate America's privileged strategies for destroying union jobs through outsourcing. These formerly union jobs were triply outsourced in a long-running scheme to eliminate directly employed unionized workers at Hershey and destroy the jobs of the IUF-affiliated BCTGM, whose work this once was.

Italian unions strike against austerity

5 September 2011 News

Italy's national confederation CGIL has called for a one-day national general strike on September 6 to demand the government rescind its budgetary and legislative attacks on workers and their rights.

Strike by student exchange workers at US chocolate maker Hershey exposes sordid trail of outsourcing and exploitation

4 September 2011 News

Over 300 foreign student workers sat in and then walked off the job at a distribution plant in Palmyra, Pennsylvania on August 17, bringing into the spotlight a sordid trail of exploitation and abuse leading to premier US chocolate manufacturer Hershey.

Fiji update - Military moves into sugar mills

29 August 2011 News

As the anti-union actions of the Fijian military dictatorship continue (click here for details and link to urgent action), soldiers are now present 24/7 in all Fiji’s sugar mills.

Military dictatorship in Fiji determined to crush unions

26 August 2011 Urgent Action

On September 2, Daniel Urai, general secretary of the IUF-affiliated Fijian National Union of Hospitality Catering and Tourism Industries Employees (NUHCTIE) and union organiser Nitin Goundra  will go on trial for “unlawful assembly”.  Their real “crime” is to have met and advised members about pending collective bargaining negotiations with hotel management. The case is just one in a long line of incidents of assault, harassment and intimidation of union leaders in Fiji over recent months.

New York: Boathouse Restaurant workers strike against unfair labor practices

15 August 2011 Urgent Action

60 employees of the Boathouse Restaurant in New York’s Central Park walked off their jobs on August 9 and were joined on the picket line by 37 of their co-workers who were illegally terminated in retaliation for organizing a union. Boathouse workers began organizing in 2009 because of very low wages, stolen overtime pay, long hours, no benefits, unsafe conditions, rampant favoritism, sexual harassment, ethnic discrimination, and extremely abusive managers.

Launch of the Joint ITF/IUF Fisheries Programme Web-Site

8 August 2011 News

We're happy to announce that the joint web-site of the ITF/IUF Fisheries Programme is live on both global union federations' main pages. You can access the joint site through the "Fisheries" section under the work areas & sectors on the right column of the front page of the IUF site.

Finnish Hotel workers document sexual harrassment

3 August 2011 News

IUF affiliate PAM  has surveyed hotel room cleaners, asking questions about their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Coca-Cola unions in Pakistan coordinate national bargaining, sign collective agreements for the first time

1 August 2011 News

Six Coca-Cola unions jointly negotiated their plant-level Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) with Coca-Coca Pakistan Beverages Limited (CCBPL) through national bargaining for the first time ever.

Peru: women chocolate workers' hunger strike brings victory at La Ibérica

26 July 2011 News

A twenty-two day strike by workers at Peru's upscale La Ibérica chocolate maker - including a week's hunger strike - have resulted in a new collective agreement which brings important gains. Ibérica is a hundred-year-old family enterprise with a single factory in the southern city of Arequjipa but outlets throughout the country. Ninety-five of the factory's one hundred workers are women.

Settlement ends 10-month lockout at Roquette USA

26 July 2011 News

Members of the BCTGM Local 48G at the Keokuk, Iowa Roquette facility voted on July 23 to agree a settlement in the conflict which saw them locked out of their jobs since September 28 last year. Work is expected to resume next week.


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