Solidarity with Iranian Workers

21 March 2011 News

March 21 is the start of the New Year in Iran. IUF, Education International, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (the three international union federations with member organizations in Iran) and the ITUC together send a message of solidarity to all Iranian workers fighting for trade union rights and independent unions:

Kraft CEO missing in action as company steps up its vanishing act

21 March 2011 Editorial

Called to testify last week before a UK parliamentary committee of enquiry, Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld failed to appear, even declining an offer to answer questions by video hookup. “Kraft declined to comment on Rosenfeld's whereabouts”, the UK Guardian reported on March 15.

Spain: UGT and CC.OO campaign together for their members’ rights at bankrupt food company

18 March 2011 News

Under the motto: "In defense of employment and workplaces at Nueva Rumasa" more than 3,000 workers marched in Madrid on 12 March in a demonstration called jointly by the UGT and CC.OO. agro-food federations.

California unions win first workplace regulation of hazardous flavoring ingredient diacetyl/local success underlines global regulatory failure

16 March 2011 News

A long union push for workplace regulation of the highly toxic food flavoring diacetyl has resulted in the introduction of a strict new workplace standard in the state of California.

European Parliament votes in favor of financial transaction tax – now on to implementation!

11 March 2011 News

Members of the European Parliament, voting in Strasbourg on March 8, voted overwhelmingly across party lines to adopt the Eurosocialists proposal for a tax on financial transactions (FTT) as an alternative to austerity. The parliament approved a report by Greek Socialist Anni Podimata calling for the implementation of a 0.05% tax on all financial transactions at European level as a first step towards a global implementation.

March 8 - Tata tea workers celebrate 100 years of International Women's Day and their own struggle

11 March 2011 News

Over 1,000 people came to the Nowera Nuddy tea estate on March 8 to celebrate International Women's Day 2011. With more than 18 months of struggle to resolve a dispute that started over the right to maternity leave, women on the estate know first- hand the importance of campaigning for their rights in the workplace.

Ireland: Labour Court victory for SIPTU hotel workers

8 March 2011 News

The Dublin Labour Court has recommended that five SIPTU members removed from the payroll of the Davenport Hotel in Dublin for refusing to accept a cut in their minimum wage should be reinstated and their previous pay rate restored.

Chile's government must overhaul mine safety now!

7 March 2011 Urgent Action

On October 18 last year – 4 days after the last of 33 Chilean miners emerged from over two months underground at the San Jose copper mine – President Piñera pleged in an interview  to overhaul the country’s mine safety structures and ratify ILO Convention 176 on mine safety within 90 days. Nearly 5 months later, none of this has happened.

On March 2, a commission established by the Chilean parliament determined that the mine owners were responsible for the collapse of the poorly reinforced tunnels, and that the country’s mine safety agency had failed to enforce its own rules.

Struggle for domestic workers’ ILO convention heads for final round - and needs your support

4 March 2011 News

The final discussion on an ILO Convention for Domestic Workers will take place June 1-17 at the International Labour Conference in Geneva – and union action is crucial to ensuring adoption of a strong instrument. Although important battles were won in the discussions last year, the essence of the draft Convention - to provide domestic workers equal rights with other workers – was challenged by employers and some governments, including the EU.

Pakistan: court-ordered reinstatements a major victory for union struggle at Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel

28 February 2011 News

Over nine years of union struggle at Karachi’s upscale Pearl Continental Hotel received a major boost on February 26 when the provincial Labour Court ordered union General Secretary Ghulam Mehboob, Joint Secretary Basheer Hussain and 18 other union members and officers reinstated in their jobs.

Ireland: Hotel workers in battle to defend minimum wage

20 February 2011 Urgent Action

Members of the IUF's Irish affiliate SIPTU at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin have mounted protests after being taken off the roster for refusing to sign new contracts reducing their national minimum wage rate by almost €1 an hour.

The outgoing Irish Government  pressed through legislation allowing for the minimum wage to be reduced, but gave assurances that this could not happen without the consent of workers affected.

International Women’s Day: IUF and Amnesty International partner for Zimbabwe farmworker action

18 February 2011 News

The IUF and Amnesty International have teamed up for action on International Women’s Day 2011 to highlight the situation of Zimbabwe farmworkers and the exiled leader of their union, Gertrude Hambira. Members and officers of the General Agricultural and Plantation Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) have suffered continual intimidation, harassment and violence by Zimbabwe police, ruling party thugs and ‘war veterans’ because of their work defending the rights of farmworkers.

Moldova sugar update - workers block rails, trucks to stop corporate theft of their wages and benefits

18 February 2011 News

Workers from Moldova's bankrupt Glodeni-Zahar sugar company are now blocking rail and truck transport in a desperate effort to defend their meager patrimony. They have not been paid their wages since June 2009 and will receive no benefits after years of service if they do not succeed.

Moldova sugar workers demand their wages - and their union leaders' freedom

16 February 2011 Urgent Action

Union members from Moldova’s  bankrupt Glodeni-Zahar sugar company – formerly the largest in the country -  made the 3-hour journey to the capital Chisinau today to demonstrate in defense of their wages and their union leaders’ freedom. Workers at the plant, which at its peak employed some 500 people, have not been paid their wages since June 2009.

Nestlé Russia violates trade union rights in sale of Barnaul chocolate factory

9 February 2011 News

On 18 December 2010 Nestlé Russia announced the sale of its Altai confectionary plant, located in Barnaul in Central Russia. The workforce – who are part of the sale – were informed the previous day.


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