IUF and Nestlé welcome settlement of Panjang Indonesia dispute

29.05.12 News

The IUF and Nestlé welcome the settlement of the dispute at Panjang, Indonesia, around the status of 53 employees whose employment was terminated on October 5 and 6, 2011.

Swedish hotel & restaurant union gives strike notice as employers turn their back on negotiations

26.05.12 News

The Swedish Hotel & Restaurant Workers' Union (HRF) has given notice of industrial action to begin June 8 in eleven prestige hotels and restaurants in the country's three biggest cities.

Major win in New Zealand: Locked-out Talley's/AFFCO workers back to work!

25.05.12 News

After 12 weeks, the 1,000 AFFCO meat workers who were locked out or on strike have returned to work over the last few days following the settlement reached between the company and their union, the New Zealand Meat Workers Union, in the early hours of Tuesday, 21 May 2012.

Tell Walmart to stop human rights abuses in their factories!

25.05.12 Urgent Action

In April, 2,000 migrant workers in a factory in Thailand that processes shrimp for a major supplier to Walmart revolted against their abusive and degrading conditions. The workers, from Cambodia and Burma, protested the seizure of their passports by factory owners in Thailand. Police were called. Shots were fired.

Union wins new gains for Tata/Tetley West Bengal tea workers

13.05.12 News

Following the agreement in May 2011 to resolve the long dispute between workers and Amalgamated Plantations Private Ltd (APPL).at the company's Nowera Nuddy tea garden in northern West Bengal, the union has once again with IUF support won further important gains.

From Ohio to Punjab, the disposable jobs behind Kraft's 'power brands'

11.05.12 News

While Kraft gathers CSR awards and babbles on about 'Making a Delicious Difference in Our Communities', a recent article in a local Ohio newspaper provides new details of the squalid chain of outsourced disposable jobs at Consolidated Biscuits, Kraft's notoriously anti-union contract manufacturer in McComb.

IUF Congress to launch 'We are the 53!' campaign as next stage in global fight for justice for fired Nestlé Indonesia unionists

09.05.12 News

Nestlé, the world's largest food corporation (which just became bigger with the acquisition of Pfizer's infant nutrition division), has an advertisement for every product, a corporate social responsibility routine for every occasion, a presentation for every financial analyst and an answer to every question save one.

IUF calls on United Nations' Global Compact to hold Accor accountable for ongoing violations of basic rights

08.05.12 News

The IUF has called on the United Nations' Global Compact to hold the transnational Accor hotel group accountable for repeated violations of fundamental rights under the Global Compact integrity measures. The request for firm action by the Global Compact was issued on the same day, May 4, as a former Accor human resources director provided details under cross-examination at a Labour Board hearing of the company's anti-union operation at a Novotel in Ottawa, Canada.

Nestlé Nicaragua - pressure on women workers, high rate of job-related injuries

08.05.12 News

Workers at Nestlé Nicaragua, most of whom are women, complain that continuous pressure on the workforce is producing a continuous rise in occupational illnesses and injuries. 

'Continuous excellence' or more dubious claims in Nestlé's sustainability reporting?

08.05.12 News

Nestlé watchers on the company's mailing list may be puzzled by the fate of the message they received on April 12 entitled "Nestlé receives GRI A+ rating for Creating Shared Value report". The original article claimed that Nestlé had received an A+ rating from the Global Reporting Initiative for its 2011 'Creating Shared Value Report'." That claim is no longer made - apparently the communications folks at Nestlé were apprised that the GRI awards no ratings.

Pakistan: Pearl Continental Lahore union wins recognition election, leaders charged with criminal offences including 'terrorism'!

05.05.12 Urgent Action

Nine union officers and a member of the Pearl Continental Hotel Employees Union Lahore face fabricated criminal charges (which at one point included "terrorism") following the union's victory in a representation election in February.

May Day 2012: reclaim politics, Occupy Everything!

27.04.12 Editorial

Today, those who contest government policies which promote unemployment, inequality and the destruction of public services, are insistently and consistently told that these measures are necessary because 'the market' demands it. Politicians from left to right abdicate their public responsibilities with the excuse that they are only doing what the market wants. This of course conceals the truth that markets are thoroughly political constructions.

Poultry unions internationally say safe food begins with worker safety

26.04.12 News

Unions representing poultry processing workers in the United States have spoken out strongly against a proposed new rule being promoted by the industry to replace government inspectors with industry “self-inspection” and permit significant speedup of the already dangerously fast line speeds at which chickens are processed.

Don't lift sanctions on Burma

24.04.12 Editorial

European Union foreign ministers voted to suspend sanctions against Burma - ostensibly for one year - on April 23. While the foreign ministers were meeting, parliamentary representatives of the National League for Democracy (NLD), the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, refused to take their newly won seats in parliament. NLD MPs are, understandably, refusing to swear an oath to "safeguard" a constitution which institutionalizes military rule.

Important gains for Norwegian hotel and restaurant workers

20.04.12 News

The IUF-affiliated Fellesforbundet has negotiated a new national collective agreement for hotel and restaurant workers, overcoming employer resistance to secure equality of treatment for temporary agency workers.


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