Impunity for anti-union violence in Colombia: ongoing and worsening

12 January 2011 News

Colombia leads the world in anti-union violence, accounting in 2009 for nearly half of the global count of murdered trade union members and leaders. A new report from the US Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP) shows that judicial impunity continues and is worsening, nurturing and encouraging the violence.

Sugar and starch TNC Roquette in the dock at the OECD

4 January 2011 News

The US AFL-CIO and the global union federation ICEM have joined the IUF in lodging a formal complaint against French-based sugar- and starchmaker Roquette Frères for violating the Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Free - but for how long? House arrest ends but Glodeni union leaders still facing legal charges

21 December 2010 News

The Court of Appeal of Moldova has ordered the immediate release of the five union leaders from the Glodeni sugar plant workers' union who have been under house arrest for several weeks.

Ethical chicken, caged workers - support the NUW at Australia's Baiada Poultry

20 December 2010 Urgent Action

Australia’s National Union of Workers (NUW) is stepping up its campaign in support of workers at Baiada, the country’s largest poultry producer, by calling on the company’s main bank and largest retailer to insist that Baida guarantee ethical employment standards

Pearl Continental union leader wins reinstatement, major morale boost for union

15 December 2010 News

In a morale boosting win for the IUF’s affiliate at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan, union vice-president Nasreen Reshad won her case in the labour appellant court and has been reinstated with full benefits.

Nasreen was working at the health club of the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi and was dismissed in 2002 together with other workers for fighting for her rights to union membership and bargaining rights.

Production canned as 1200 UK Heinz workers set to walk out for 24 hours

15 December 2010 News

Nearly 1200 Heinz workers will stop production at the food giant Heinz's flagship UK plant near Wigan just before 10pm (tonight) in protest at the lousy pay deal on offer from the vastly profitable company.

Moldovan sugar union leaders arrested for claiming unpaid wages!

14 December 2010 News

Five union leaders from the Glodeni sugar plant workers' union, Moldova, have been placed under house arrest to prevent them from trying to make sure their members get their wages and benefits.

The five - union chair Vasilii Guleac, vice chair Valentina Semeniuc and activists Anatolie Furtuna, Fiodor Svoevolin and Victor Colibaba – have been charged with criminal offences that could carry prisons sentences of between 3 and 8 years.

ILO tells Indonesia to stop union busting at Bandung Grand Aquila Hotel - act now to suport the workers!

10 December 2010 Urgent Action

Since 2009 the IUF has been supporting the struggle of our Indonesian affiliate FSPM at the Grand Aquila Hotel in Bandung, where union members have been systematically intimidated and fired from their jobs. Their struggle is now at a turning point.

US, global unions call on UN to call Roquette on the carpet!

10 December 2010 News

The AFL-CIO has joined with the IUF and the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) to urge the United Nations’ Global Compact to hold Roquette accountable for gross violations of fundamental trade union rights.

The French-based global manufacturer of sugar and starch derivatives has locked out 240 members of the IUF-affiliated BCTGM at its plant in Keokuk, Iowa since September 28.

Union network launched to tackle organizing, worker rights at PepsiCo

9 December 2010 blog

November 30/December 1, a core group of IUF affiliates met for a first global PepsiCo Unions strategy meeting.

New attacks on Iranian sugar union – president, activists sentenced to prison

3 December 2010 Urgent Action

In the latest crackdown on Iran’s independent union at the giant cane growing and processing Haft Tapeh complex in the southern city of Shush, Executive Board President Reza Rakhshan was sentenced to 6 months in prison on December 1. The Ahvaz Court of Appeal found him guilty of “spreading lies” – the consequence of an article Rakhshan recently published  entitled ‘Happy Birthday Sugarcane Workers!’

Lockout at Roquette America enters month 3

2 December 2010 Urgent Action

Workers at Roquette America’s corn milling plant in Keokuk, Iowa, represented by the BCTGM,  have been locked out of their jobs for over 2 months – and the union is calling for international support to end the lockout as it moves into month 3. Roquette Frères is a French-based manufacturer of starch and sugar derivatives and polyols, which have a broad range of food, beverage and other manufacturing applications.

McDonald's Russia: violations of young workers rights in Moscow region

2 December 2010 News

It is no secret that McDonald’s is the place where students often get a job during their studies to earn some extra income – the work does not require any specific qualifications, and the work schedules are flexible. That is why the number of young workers in this fast food chain’s restaurants is high. However a recent inspection by Moscow region’s prosecutor’s office and regional labor inspector has identified numerous violations of t

Aching bodies, broken lives – US Hyatt workers file injury complaints in 8 cities

29 November 2010 News

Housekeepers at 12 Hyatt hotels in 8 cities across the US have filed injury complaints with the federal Occupation Health and Safety Agency (OSHA). On November 18, delegations of supporters brandishing housekeeping tools turned up at 10 Hyatt hotels to show their support for the housekeepers’ action and to highlight the need for remedy.

Delivering cash but not rights? – Stop Nespressure!

26 November 2010 Urgent Action

Nestlé’s ‘agenda’ for the latest investor presentation? – ‘delivering’ cash, growth, and ‘total performance’ through their ‘billionaire brands’, with special emphasis on emerging markets. But they’ve failed to deliver on basic rights for the workers who produce the bilionaire Nescafé products at the Panjang, Indonesia factory.


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