New York City hotel workers say 'Stop Nespressure!'

02.04.12 News

Members of New York City's Hotel and Motel Trades Council turned out in force for a spirited action at Nestlé's Nespressure boutique on Madison Avenue on Manhattan's trendy Upper East Side on March 30. Some 60 union members chanted, distributed hundreds of 'Stop Nespressure' leaflets to residents and tourists about Nestlé's violations of trade union rights in Indonesia and Pakistan.

Struggle continues with protest camp at Nestlé Pakistan

29.03.12 News

More than 300 workers took part in an all day protest camp on March 28 to highlight their determination to continue the struggle at Nestlé's Kabirwala milk factory until all contract workers who have claimed their employment rights are given permanent jobs. 

CONTAG brings thousands of rural workers onto the streets of Brasilia to demand their rights

26.03.12 News

Thousands of rural workers massed in the streets of Brasilia on March 20 as part of a national mobilization by CONTAG to highlight the rights of rural wage earners and the urgent need for government action.

'Unions took it to their hearts'

23.03.12 News

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary for Equalities of the IUF's UK affiliate Unite, explains why winning the ILO Convention on the rights of domestic workers was a victory for the trade union movement as a whole.

Lockout continues at Talley’s/AFFCO while NZMWU plans more strikes

22.03.12 News

Since Talley's vicious lockout of 1,000 unionized workers at 6 of the company's 8 Affco meat plants in the North Island of New Zealand, all 8 plants have been hit by 24- and 48-hour strikes each week as union members unaffected by the lockout have taken action in support of their locked out brothers and sisters. Further strikes are taking place on March 22-23 and March 26.

Support the March 29 general strike in Spain!

21.03.12 Urgent Action

Spanish unions are united as never before in their mobilization against labour law 'reforms' which gut workplace protection and trade union rights and in defense of public services. A 24-hour national general strike has been called for March 29.

Nestlé's 'New Reality' looks a lot like the old - squeezing workers to squeeze out cash

21.03.12 News

Nestlé's recently published Annual Report for 2011, introduced by the familiar 'Fellow Shareholder' letter, seeks to engage readers (who in any event will skip the hype and head for the hard figures) by alerting them up front to a 'New Reality'. For workers, however, the New Reality looks like more of the same, with rights under attack to generate cash for the investor payout.

A decade of struggle brings reinstatement and wages for dismissed Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel workers, union leaders

18.03.12 News

Ten years is a long time between paydays, but a decade of unceasing struggle by workers and their union at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan has won the reinstatement of 19 dismissed union officers and members. Now they are receiving their first wages in 10 years.

Financial euphoria, layoff contagion and collective bargaining

15.03.12 Editorial

Workers have been given every possible reason to account for layoffs - but there's always room for one more. The next call for job cuts at your company may be wrapped in a message about job cuts and share prices at the competition.

International unions call for action over attacks on workers in New Zealand

14.03.12 News

Global union federations representing food, transport and public sector workers have joined with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) to demand an end to concerted attacks on workers in New Zealand, highlighting the union-busting measures that New Zealand's workers have endured over recent months.

Iran: teacher union activist sentenced to death

13.03.12 Urgent Action

Education International, supported by international trade union organizations andlabourstart, is campaigning to stay the execution of  Abdolreza Ghanbari, a 44-year-old lecturer of Payam e Nour University. If the sentence is carried out, it would mark the second execution of a teacher union activist following the May 2010 execution of Farzad Kamanger.

Workers rally across Indonesia on International Women's Day to say Stop Nespressure!

12.03.12 News

IUF unions and their supporters demonstrated across Indonesia on March 8 to show their commitment to the struggle for trade union rights at the Nescafé factory in Panjang.

Settlement ends 65 day lockout at Grenada Breweries

09.03.12 News

On February 20 members of the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers' Union at Grenada Breweries voted to end a conflict that saw them locked out of their jobs since Christmas period last year. The Company was not able to break the determination of union members who displayed exemplary strength, unity, discipline and maturity throughout the struggle.

Turkey: Tekgida-Is on strike at Tate & Lyle

08.03.12 News

Production at Tate & Lyle's Amylum Starch Corporation in Adana, Turkey halted on March 5 when members of the IUF-affiliated Tekgida-Is launched an unlimited strike after 6 months of fruitless negotiations for a first collective agreement at the plant.

National strike against labour brokering in South Africa

08.03.12 News

Workers across South Africa responded to COSATU's call for a national strike on March 7, bringing tens of thousands of people onto the streets in dozens of cities. The action has been described as the largest planned protest in the post-Apartheid era.


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