The Airbus 8 and the right to strike: unfinished business

29 February 2016 Editorial

On February 16 a Spanish court acquitted 8 trade unionists facing prison terms of over 8 years for participating in the 2010 general strike against the government's austerity measures.

Talleys/AFFCO lockout lifted by court order, rights abuses continue

26 February 2016 News

Members of the New Zealand Meat Workers Union began returning to work at the Talleys/AFFCO Wairoa plant on February 22 following a court decision ordering the company to end the brutal 5-month lockout of union workers.

Mondelez reported to be recruiting strikebreakers in preparation for bargaining

19 February 2016 News

According to a report in the US union-supported Northwest Labor Press, Mondelez has recruited strikebreakers in preparation for national bargaining with the IUF-affiliated BCTGM covering 5 Nabisco biscuit plants and three distribution centers.

Government of Iran preparing new anti-worker repression

17 February 2016 News

Fierce repression of worker protest in Iran has not abated following the easing of sanctions. On February 5, a local news agency in Golestan Province proudly reported on a mock training exercise by the Basij, a nation-wide paramilitary organization supported and funded by the governing authorities, in which protesting workers were attacked and arrested.

Colombia: SINTRAINAGRO warns of catastrophic impact of 'free trade' on sugar industry livelihoods

16 February 2016 News

The National Union of Agroindustry Workers of Colombia (SINTRAINAGRO) is calling for a radical change of government economic policies which threaten the livelihoods of more than 750,000 sugarcane workers and their families in the departments of Valle del Cauca and Risaralda.

Brazil : foodworkers refuse to pay the costs of crisis

10 February 2016 News

The Food Industry Workers' National Confederation of Brazil (CNTA Afins) has launched a national mobilization in preparation for 2016 negotiations in the food industry to defend against efforts by employers and politicians to force workers to pay the costs of the country's deepening economic crisis.

Vicious union-busting at Moroccan fish canner DOHA

5 February 2016 Urgent Action

979Over 500 workers in the Moroccan city of Agadir have been on strike since March 2015 at DOHA, part of the wealthy BICHA Group. DOHA workers, nearly 95% of whom are women, produce tinned fish and other products for worldwide export. The company, with the help of compliant legal and political authorities, has sought to dissolve the union, dismiss its members, criminalize and punish the strikers and confiscate the union leaders' home. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO DOHA!

Philippines: NUWHRAIN wins government order to inspect working conditions of housekeepers

3 February 2016 News

As a direct result of Global Housekeeping Campaign activities in the Philippines, the IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN won a government administrative order for the inspection of hotels for non-compliance with national labour and health and safety regulations.  

Workplace slaughter and rights abuses continue at Talleys/AFFCO

1 February 2016 News

According to the New Zealand government's Accident Compensation Corporation, nearly 5,000 Talley's workers have been awarded over USD 4.7 million in compensation for workplace accidents over the last three years; 1,286 Talley's workers were injured on the job in 2014 alone.

Joint commitment on preventing sexual harassment at Unilever

27 January 2016 News

The IUF and IndustriAll, the international unions representing workers at the global food and home and personal products manufacturer Unilever, have signed a joint commitment with the company on preventing sexual harassment at Unilever workplaces.

Trade deals and the TPP corporate power grab - resistance must continue!

27 January 2016 Editorial

StopTPPAfter eight years of secret negotiations, governments will sign the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in New Zealand on February 4. The treaty text, which was only made public last November, confirms what critics of the deal have been contending since leaked portions of the draft chapters became available, and even earlier, since corporations have never been shy about setting out their goals. The TPP in its final form shows that the corporations have gotten what they want: a trade deal which threatens democracy.

Carlsberg/Cambrew dismisses striking beer promotion women in Cambodia!

27 January 2016 Urgent Action

cambodiacarlsbergEleven members of the IUF-affiliated Cambodian Food and Service Workers' Federation (CFSWF) employed by transnational brewery giant Carlsberg's joint venture local brewer Cambrew have been dismissed in retaliation for taking strike action on January 16. Workers are fighting the company's attempt to impose short-term employment contracts and late working hours. CLICK HERE TO TELL CARLSBERG TO STOP UNION-BUSTING!

BCTGM steps up fight against Mondelez mass layoffs in Chicago

26 January 2016 News

The IUF-affiliated BCTGM has stepped up its fight against mass layoffs at the Mondelez Chicago biscuit factory by filing grievances and a federal lawsuit charging that the layoffs are discriminatory and violate the collective agreement. The union has also formally charged management with inserting non-union contract workers into the bargaining unit in order to weaken union bargaining power.

Novoprof tackles massive wage arrears and precarious jobs at Sbarro fast food restaurants in Russia

20 January 2016 News

SbarroMoscow2The IUF-affiliated Novoprof is supporting and organizing workers at the Moscow restaurants of the international fast food chain Sbarro, where workers have not been paid since July 2015. Sbarro's Russian operations also rely on the massive use of agency labour. In the Moscow region alone, workers are employed through 30 different temp agencies.

Lockout, dismissals, intimidation - serial rights abuses by New Zealand meat company Talleys/AFFCO

18 January 2016 Urgent Action

975Two hundred workers at AFFCO, the New Zealand meat company owned by the anti-union Talley family, have been locked out since June last year for resisting the company's brutal push to replace negotiated collective agreements with individual contracts. Talleys/AFFCO is also punishing union members and workplace representatives with suspensions and dismissals. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO TALLEYS/AFFCO!


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