Nestlé Indonesia Continues to Deny SBNIP Wage Bargaining Rights!

20 April 2010 News

The Union of Nestlé Indonesia Workers in the Nescafé factory in Panjang, SBNIP, has been the recognised representative of workers in the Panjang factory and Nestlé's negotiating counterpart since 2000.

In late 2007, the union put forward proposals for the 2008-2009 CBA, including negotiated wages (instead of the paternalistically imposed annual wage increases), which were clearly not to the liking of management.

Indonesian President Snubs Hotel Workers' Long March for Justice

19 April 2010 Urgent Action

Dismissed workers from the 5-star Bandung Grand Aquila Hotel have walked nearly 250 kilometers to seek a meeting with the president of Indonesia, and are still waiting to hear if the country's leader is prepared to enforce Indonesia's legislation which makes union-busting a criminal offense.

Nesprofits - What Else?

16 April 2010 Editorial

Nestlé, the world's largest food corporation, is rolling in money. The 2009 results recently announced show sales topping USD 102 billion (94.6 billion in the core food and beverages division), operating profits of 14.85 billion (up on the previous year), margins (much beloved of financial analysts) hitting an enviable 14.6%, and a breathtaking 67% increase in cash flow, up from USD 6.81 billion in 2008 to 16.93 billion in 2009.

US Beverage-Maker Mott's Celebrates Booming Sales and Share Price by Attacking Wages!

8 April 2010 Urgent Action

Workers at juice and beverage manufacturer Mott's in Williamson, New York, members of the RWDSU-UFCW Local 220, are being asked to celebrate the company's highly successful sales and stock performance by agreeing to steep cuts in their wages and the elimination of their pension plan.

Unions Travel Across India to Show Solidarity with Unilever Assam Workers

8 April 2010 News

Representatives of 13 unions at 10 Unilever India factories travelled across the country to meet in Assam on March 27-28 in an unprecedented show of solidarity with the embattled union at the company's Doom Dooma factory.

Swedish Foodworkers Win Extensive Limitations on Temporary Agency Employment

7 April 2010 News

After years of struggle, and only hours before scheduled industrial action, the Swedish Food Workers’ Union has broken a deadlock to win a new national collective agreement for the food sector which provides extensive protection against the use of temporary agency labour. The agreement will be in effect from April 1, 2010 through January 31, 2012.

Reinstatement Victory for Korean Hotel Workers Who Challenged Outsourcing

31 March 2010 News

A group of workers at Seoul's Marriott Renaissance Hotel who were outsourced and then sacked for challenging their treatment have been reinstated as permanent direct employees after a 9 year struggle, proving that resistance pays.

IUF Tells UN Precarious Work is Undermining Human Rights!

22 March 2010 News

The IUF has made an official submission to the United Nations' Special Representative on Business and Human Rights, Professor John Ruggie, drawing attention to the many ways in which precarious employment is being systematically used to undermine trade union organization and bargaining power.

Pearl Continental Workers End Sit-in, Hunger Strike as Crisis Forces Management Response

21 March 2010 News

Two hundred union members occupying the basement of the Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel ended their 25-day sit-in on Saturday night, March 20 when a direct representative of the hotel's owner directly intervened in the conflict for the first time ever in the more than 8-year history of the conflict.

IUF Global Dairy Conference Builds Global Solidarity, Cooperation

18 March 2010 News

The IUF Global Dairy Conference held in Buenos Aires and Sunchales, Argentina March 9-12 brought together 120 union representatives from 22 countries to map a united trade union approach and action in response to the common problems facing dairy workers globally.

Tension Escalates at Pearl Continental Karachi as Workers Contest New Management Brutality

17 March 2010 Urgent Action

Tension is building to a crisis point at the notorious Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan, as 4 elected union leaders continue to resist their illegal dismissal on February 24 by refusing to leave the hotel and union members and supporters maintain a vigil outside.

Call for Action from UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food: Over Half the World's Hungry are Food Producers

8 March 2010 News

The right to food is grounded in key human rights instruments (declarations, conventions, covenants) which oblige governments not only to protect this fundamental right but also to actively ensure that the right to food is effectively realized.

International Women's Day 2010 - Rights and Recognition for Domestic Workers

5 March 2010 News

Domestic workers around the world are organizing to challenge the harsh, abusive, often slave-like conditions in which they work. They are organizing unions and support networks, and they are mobilizing in support of an international Convention that will finally recognize them as workers and establish their rights in international law.

Agreement in Colombian Palm Plantation Struggle Ends 67-Day Strike

3 March 2010 News

An agreement between the Colombian rural workers union SINTRAINAGRO and Palo Alto Gnecco Espinosa Investments has brought a successful first round conclusion to a long, bitter struggle at the company's palm plantation in Ciénaga district, Magdelena.

Zimbabwe Union Leaders Arrested, General Secretary Forced into Hiding

3 March 2010 Urgent Action

GAPWUZ, the agricultural and plantation workers union in Zimbabwe is again under attack. General secretary Gertrude Hambira is currently in hiding and at least one official under arrest.


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