Working at Lipton Casual-T Episode II: Unilever Pakistan Punishes Rights Activists

31 July 2009 News

"Our People Vitality programme aims to enhance the personal well-being and effectiveness of our people, through advice on exercise, nutrition and mental resilience. During 2008 the programme was rolled out to our operations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The programme is already showing positive results. Participants have reported improvements in their quality of sleep, energy levels, motivation and work performance."

Burkina Faso ratifies ILO Conventions on Maternity Protection and Health and Safety in Agriculture

18 February 2009 News

On 25 February, the Council of Ministers in Burkina Faso authorized the government to ratify the ILO Conventions 183 on Maternity Protection and 184 on Health and Safety in Agriculture.

The five IUF-affiliated unions in Burkina Faso have worked actively to promote the ratification of these conventions in the framework of an IUF/ILO supported health and safety program and the IUF regional Women’s project.

Hong Kong Unions demonstrate in support of UNITE/T&G Tesco Campaign

12 February 2009 News

The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and the IUF affiliated Catering and Hotel Industries Employees General Union (CHIEGU) have joined unions supporting the T&G section of the UK's Unite campaign for equal treatment for meat workers employed in the UK and Ireland in transnational retail giant Tesco's supply chain.


IUF general secretary Ron Oswald: “We need a new international order where politics steers the economy”

11 February 2009 News

photoExtracted from IUF Latin American regional website: On occasion of the meetings of the IUF Administrative Committee and the Latin American Executive Committee, held recently at the facilities of the UTGHRA SASSO Hotel in the city of Mar del Pl

Casual-T Action: Justice for Lipton Workers in Pakistan!

11 February 2009 News

Solidarity picket in Moscow, 9 February 2009

A delegation of IUF activists visited the Unilever-sponsored Moscow International Tea Symposium to raise a scandal about the unjust labour practices being spread around the globe by this company. Unilever is one of the largest producers of tea bags (brands Brooke Bond and Lipton) and is becoming more and more the focus of criticism for destruction of permanent jobs.

The Commissioner, 'Transparency', and Codes of Conduct: the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel?

9 February 2009 Editorial

No one can accuse EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Charlie McCreevy of excessive subtlety, but his current escapades set new benchmarks. "Commissioner McCreevy and the European private equity funds are engaged in an orchestrated maneuver to undercut a clear call for binding regulation of the buyout industry adopted by a huge majority of the European Parliament last year", according to IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald. "McCreevy and the funds want to smuggle in toothless 'Codes of Conduct' in place of binding legislation.

Goodbye Paraquat

6 February 2009 News

New study shows crop production not affected

A new report by the IUF and a Swiss-based NGO, Berne Declaration, shows that production without paraquat is entirely feasible and is already happening in important crops.

"Goodbye Paraquat" is based on responses to a questionnaire by more then 40 major food producers in bananas, tea and palm oil, crops which traditionally have been big users of paraquat.

The report shows that producers of bananas and tea have moved away from reliance on Paraquat. On palm oil it found that producers were equally divided into Paraquat users and non-users but that there was also a clear preference amongst palm oil buyers for palm oil produced without Paraquat.

Unilever Lipton Tea Workers Challenge Disposable Jobs Regime, Demand the Right … to Work for Unilever!

18 January 2009 Urgent Action

Supported by the IUF-affiliated National Federation of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Workers of Pakistan, over 700 contract agency workers at Unilever's last directly-owned and operated Lipton tea factory in Pakistan are stepping up their campaign for permanent job status. The workers will be launching a series of national and local actions, and urgently need your support.

Unite/T&G Targets Tesco in Campaign for Equal Treatment for Meat Workers

31 December 2008 Urgent Action

Earlier this year, IUF members around the world gave vital support to an organizing drive by the T&G section of the IUF's UK affiliate Unite. The union fought a determined campaign to win equal treatment for agency workers employed at meat producers supplying the UK-based retailer Marks & Spencer. In solidarity with the UK organizing, IUF unions demonstrated - sometimes repeatedly - at M&S outlets in Croatia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland Thailand and Turkey.

BBC Defies Global Protests, Awards World Challenge Prize to Pearl Continental Owners' Charity Operation

31 December 2008 News

On December 20, the BBC announced that the 2008 "World Challenge" prize had been awarded to the Hashoo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Hashoo Group which owns the Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel, where workers have been fighting for over 7 years against sackings, harassment, violence and imprisonment to have their union recognized. December 9, 2008 – Pearl Continental Karachi workers, their children and fraternal union and labour organizations rally in support of the embattled union and call on the government to act to secure union recognition.

Intimidation and Mass Firings at Yörsan Dairy Company, Turkey

11 February 2008 Urgent Action

Workers show undiminished support for their union at Yörsan dairy, where management has sacked all 400 union workers in a brutal attack on trade union rights.



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