Ahmadinejad's Hangmen Execute Iranian Teachers Union Activist

12.05.10 News

Iranian teacher union activist Farzad Kamanger was executed in Tehran's notorious Evin prison on May 9, together with 4 other political prisoners. The families have not been allowed to claim their bodies. Teachers' unions, the IUF and other international trade union organizations, Amnesty International and other human rights groups had campaigned for his release following his 2008 conviction on ludicrous charges of "endangering national security" and "enmity against God" in a mock 5-minute trial.

IUF Downgrades Nestlé CSR Rating from B+ to Junk

10.05.10 News

We never bought it, so we can't change the recommendation to sell - but we have taken a closer look at the rating put on Nestlé's Creating Shared Value Report 2009 in order to investigate the reporting criteria - and whether they've been met.

Kraft Responds to Post-Cadbury 'Agitation' with…Surveys?

05.05.10 News

Anyone following the UK parliamentary enquiry into the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft could not help but conclude that Kraft was either less than truthful, or incompetent, or both, in its cynical manipulation of false hopes around the Cadbury Somerdale plant previously slated for closure (see Kraft on a Diet after the Cadbury Feast - How Many Union Jobs Lighter?).

Horlicks Workers in India Contest Precarious Employment at Health Giant GSK

03.05.10 News

Since April 21 hundreds of workers at the Horlicks factory in Nabha in Punjab state in northwest India, have held continuous protest actions against the company’s refusal to grant permanent employment to casual workers employed on a 'temporary’ basis for more than a decade.

April 28 - International Workers Memorial Day: Kenya Sugar Union Organizing to Make Workplaces Safer

02.05.10 News

Workers in the cane-based sugar sector in Kenya face substantial safety and health hazards. Companies historically have shown a lack of concern about occupational health and safety (OHS)  and this has been worsened by casualization and outsourcing, which put a great proportion of the sugar labour force at risk.

May Day 2010 - Global Solidarity with Turkish Trade Unionists

01.05.10 News

Representatives from seven global union federations, plus the International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC) and the European Confederation of Trade Unions (ETUC), will meet with various affiliated unions in Turkey on the eve of International Workers’ Day (May Day).

A May Day Message

30.04.10 News

May Day, which began in the struggle of US workers for the 8-hour day, has been celebrated around the world since 1890 as International Labour Day. Its force lies in its global character: it is the day when workers around the world announce their commitment to struggle together for common goals.

Solidarity with Airline Catering Workers at Gate Gourmet & LSG Sky Chefs

27.04.10 Urgent Action

IUF affiliates UNITE-HERE, the Teamsters (USA) and the NGG in Germany, together with the public services union Ver.di, are calling for international support for their members facing difficult negotiations at LSG SkyChefs and Gate Gourmet, the largest global airline catering companies.

On April 28, Remember: 'Zero Accidents' Can be Hazardous to Your Health!

26.04.10 Editorial

Unions around the world will be mobilizing again on April 28, each in its way highlighting the 360,000 annual workplace fatalities and 2 million deaths from occupational diseases. On April 28, as on every other day, some 960,000 workers will be injured in an accident at work, and some 5,300 workers will die of work-related diseases.

NGG Secures Employment Guarantees, Extensive Limitations on Outsourcing at Coca-Cola Germany

26.04.10 News

The German Food and Allied Workers (NGG) have secured an agreement with Coca-Cola's German bottler Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetraenke AG (CCEAG) that provides extensive guarantees on job security. CCEAG, with 11,000 employees, is Germany's largest soft drink producer.

Three Delivery Accidents in One Week at Nestlé Waters Russia - Nespressure, What Else!

24.04.10 Urgent Action

Workloads aren't all that has increased at Nestlé Waters Direct in Domodedovo, Russia. The local union sees a direct connection between the brutal increase in working hours and the 6 road accidents that have occurred in as many months - 3 of them in one recent week alone.

Nestlé Indonesia Continues to Deny SBNIP Wage Bargaining Rights!

20.04.10 News

The Union of Nestlé Indonesia Workers in the Nescafé factory in Panjang, SBNIP, has been the recognised representative of workers in the Panjang factory and Nestlé's negotiating counterpart since 2000.

In late 2007, the union put forward proposals for the 2008-2009 CBA, including negotiated wages (instead of the paternalistically imposed annual wage increases), which were clearly not to the liking of management.

Indonesian President Snubs Hotel Workers' Long March for Justice

19.04.10 Urgent Action

Dismissed workers from the 5-star Bandung Grand Aquila Hotel have walked nearly 250 kilometers to seek a meeting with the president of Indonesia, and are still waiting to hear if the country's leader is prepared to enforce Indonesia's legislation which makes union-busting a criminal offense.

Nesprofits - What Else?

16.04.10 Editorial

Nestlé, the world's largest food corporation, is rolling in money. The 2009 results recently announced show sales topping USD 102 billion (94.6 billion in the core food and beverages division), operating profits of 14.85 billion (up on the previous year), margins (much beloved of financial analysts) hitting an enviable 14.6%, and a breathtaking 67% increase in cash flow, up from USD 6.81 billion in 2008 to 16.93 billion in 2009.

US Beverage-Maker Mott's Celebrates Booming Sales and Share Price by Attacking Wages!

08.04.10 Urgent Action

Workers at juice and beverage manufacturer Mott's in Williamson, New York, members of the RWDSU-UFCW Local 220, are being asked to celebrate the company's highly successful sales and stock performance by agreeing to steep cuts in their wages and the elimination of their pension plan.


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