Union network launched to tackle organizing, worker rights at PepsiCo

09.12.10 blog

November 30/December 1, a core group of IUF affiliates met for a first global PepsiCo Unions strategy meeting.

McDonald's Russia: violations of young workers rights in Moscow region

02.12.10 News

It is no secret that McDonald’s is the place where students often get a job during their studies to earn some extra income – the work does not require any specific qualifications, and the work schedules are flexible. That is why the number of young workers in this fast food chain’s restaurants is high. However a recent inspection by Moscow region’s prosecutor’s office and regional labor inspector has identified numerous violations of t

Aching bodies, broken lives – US Hyatt workers file injury complaints in 8 cities

29.11.10 News

Housekeepers at 12 Hyatt hotels in 8 cities across the US have filed injury complaints with the federal Occupation Health and Safety Agency (OSHA). On November 18, delegations of supporters brandishing housekeeping tools turned up at 10 Hyatt hotels to show their support for the housekeepers’ action and to highlight the need for remedy.

Global IUF/Unilever meeting explores employment & rights

23.11.10 News

IUF general secretary Ron Oswald, a representative group of IUF affiliates from the IUF regions, staff of the general and regional secretariats and a representative of ICEM met with corporate and regional level management (including CEO Paul Polman) of Unilever in London November 15-16 to continue their dialogue on key issues including employment policy and trade union rights.

Del Monte Kenya targets union activists for dismissal

16.11.10 News

Forty workers have been dismissed in retaliation for a week-long strike at at Fresh Del Monte’s fruit processing factory in Kenya. Some 1,700 workers walked out on October 12 to protest unpaid allowances, increasing insecurity due to the rampant use of temporary work contracts and a deteriorating working environment which resulted recently in what the union contends was a work-related death.

Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi’s release is no reason to lift sanctions

14.11.10 News

The IUF welcomes the release of Aung San Suu Kyi on 13 November after seven years of house arrest and calls for sanctions on Burma to remain as long as the repression of basic trade union, worker and human rights continues.

Blackstone surfs government Hilton subsidy to demand massive concessions from hotel workers

09.11.10 News

In a move which gives new meaning to “troubled asset recovery”, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has gifted private equity giant Blackstone with USD 178 million. In early October, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced it had sold back to Blackstone USD 320 million in debt from the heavily leveraged 2007 Hilton buyout for just 142 million, booking a 56% loss.

Mobilization beats back wage cutting at Hong Kong’s fast food giant – wages raised!

09.11.10 News

A vigorous union mobilization against the abolition of paid meal breaks at Café de Coral has forced the company to retreat within days after the new pay policy was imposed.

Heineken St-Petersburg union demands restrictions on precarious jobs

05.11.10 News

The union of workers at the Heineken brewery in St-Petersburg, Russia held a picket at the plant’s gates on October 18 to highlight their call for negotiations to reverse the creeping expansion of agency labour at the plant. Members of the city’s other unions in the food and beverage sectors took part in the action.

Earnings up, Hyatt Hotels seeks to lock workers into recession

05.11.10 News

Revenue and earnings are up at the upscale Hyatt Hotels chain, and the company is sitting on a pile of cash on the prowl for acquisitions. Hyatt workers, however, say the company is seeking to lock them into recession through outsourcing, speedup, bargaining concessions and fierce resistance to recruitment and organizing by the IUF-affiliated Unite Here!

Hong Kong-based global fast food operator plays fast and loose with wages

04.11.10 News

Hong Kong employers have always been staunch defenders of low wages, nurturing a "competitive" labour market which has never known a legal minimum wage. Services are the key battleground. The HKCTU has now made a wage cut for workers at a group of popular fast food chains a central political issue.

Kazakhstan Poultry Workers Mobilize to Defend Their Wages and Workplace

27.10.10 News

Eastern Kazakhstan has been a regional center of poultry production since Soviet times, and the Cheremshanskaya "Poultry Plant Plus" is one of the largest. Formerly emplying 650 people, fifteen years after its privatization the plant today provides jobs for only 360. The average wage is some USD 100-120 monthly - but today wages are paid only rarely, and rarely in full. Wage arrears currently amount to USD 245,000, with 375,000 owed to the pension fund.

NUW Spotlights Brutal Conditions at Leading Australian 'Ethical Poultry' Producer

26.10.10 News

Australia's National Union of Workers (NUW) has rallied behind an immigrant Sudanese poultry worker who was sacked for raising allegations of racisim at his workplace. In the process, the union has helped spotlight a brutally exploitative workplace regime at one of the country's leading 'ethically produced' poultry brands. The union's 'Free range chicken - caged workers' campaign has spurred a government investigation into conditions at the Lilydale factory in Adelaide.

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Calls for Measures to Limit Food Commodities Speculation

18.10.10 News

Are we witnessing a replay of the 2008 hyperinflation in the price of basic foodstuffs which pushed hundreds of millions of people already living on the margins into the ranks of the acutely hungry?

Long Struggle Ends in Victory for Ukraine Belkozin Workers

15.10.10 News

Workers at the Belkozin plant in the northern Ukrainian town of Priluki have won wage increases totaling 54% following strike action in May, a long mobilization and tough bargaining by the plant organization of the IUF-affiliated Agro-Industrial Workers' Union of Ukraine.


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