Kazakhstan Poultry Workers Mobilize to Defend Their Wages and Workplace

27.10.10 News

Eastern Kazakhstan has been a regional center of poultry production since Soviet times, and the Cheremshanskaya "Poultry Plant Plus" is one of the largest. Formerly emplying 650 people, fifteen years after its privatization the plant today provides jobs for only 360. The average wage is some USD 100-120 monthly - but today wages are paid only rarely, and rarely in full. Wage arrears currently amount to USD 245,000, with 375,000 owed to the pension fund.

NUW Spotlights Brutal Conditions at Leading Australian 'Ethical Poultry' Producer

26.10.10 News

Australia's National Union of Workers (NUW) has rallied behind an immigrant Sudanese poultry worker who was sacked for raising allegations of racisim at his workplace. In the process, the union has helped spotlight a brutally exploitative workplace regime at one of the country's leading 'ethically produced' poultry brands. The union's 'Free range chicken - caged workers' campaign has spurred a government investigation into conditions at the Lilydale factory in Adelaide.

International Unions Call for Action on Labour Rights Abuses in Korea

20.10.10 Urgent Action

When Korea joined the OECD in 1996, a condition of adherence was a commitment to reform its industrial relations legislation in line with ILO standards. Not only has there been no reform, but the situation has markedly deteriorated.

In the runup to the G20* meeting scheduled for November 11-12 in Seoul, South Korea, international union organizations are calling for pressure on the Korean government to bring its repressive labour law and employment regime into line with international standards and its own commitments.

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Calls for Measures to Limit Food Commodities Speculation

18.10.10 News

Are we witnessing a replay of the 2008 hyperinflation in the price of basic foodstuffs which pushed hundreds of millions of people already living on the margins into the ranks of the acutely hungry?

Long Struggle Ends in Victory for Ukraine Belkozin Workers

15.10.10 News

Workers at the Belkozin plant in the northern Ukrainian town of Priluki have won wage increases totaling 54% following strike action in May, a long mobilization and tough bargaining by the plant organization of the IUF-affiliated Agro-Industrial Workers' Union of Ukraine.

UFCW Membership Gain at Meatpacker JBS

11.10.10 News

The almost 1,200 workers at the JBS plant in Souderton, Pennsylvania, have voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1776.

Swiss union UNIA in solidarity with Stop Nespressure campaign

08.10.10 News

On 7 October over 200 workers and their families – wearing caps from their Swiss sister union UNIA - rallied outside the Nescafe factory in Panjang, Indonesia, to denounce the corporate social irresponsibility of the world’s largest food company.

New Report on Tea Worker Deaths Details Extensive Rights Violations at Tata-controlled Estate in Assam, India

01.10.10 News

A report commissioned by the IUF and released today details extensive human rights violations at the Tata-controlled Powai Tea Estate in Assam, India. In Cold Blood: Death By Poison, Death By Bullets examines the death in May this year of 25 year-old Powai worker Gopal Tanti, who collapsed at work while spraying pesticides. Mr Tanti was denied medical treatment and left to die in the field.

Vicious Anti-Union Offensive at Colombian Tuna Processor Seatech

28.09.10 News

Seatech International is a Colombian tuna processor committed "to give society a healthy environment together with sustainable development." At the company's giant Cartagena plant, 1,500 workers produce Van Camp's branded products for export throughout Latin America. Yet only 13 of these workers are employed on permanent contracts. The rest are outsourced, disposable, casual workers

September 29 - European Unions Say 'No!' to Austerity

27.09.10 News

As part of a Europe-wide day of union action against the regressive,  anti-worker austerity measures increasingly adopted by many countries, 50 unions from 30 countries will demonstrate in Brussels on September 29. In addition to the general strike in Spain, union demonstrations are also planned in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Poland ,Ireland and France.

New Survey Shows Job Destruction Boosts Executive Pay

21.09.10 News

When it comes to job destruction, it pays to beat the benchmark. The most recent survey of US executive compensation shows that CEO's who excelled at slashing jobs earned a special premium.

'Present and future generations are being condemned to precarious work and unemployment' - General Strike in Spain September 29

20.09.10 News

Spanish unions are building for a national general strike on September 29 to protest the government's massive austerity program, which would cut public expenditure and investment, and a labour market "reform" which makes it easier and cheaper to fire workers. Paco Dominguez, General Secretary of the Federación de Comercio, Hostelería-Turismo y Juego-UGT (CHTJ-UGT), explains what is at stake and how the union is building support.

'The greatest attack on the right to work in the last 30 years' - Spanish Unions Prepare General Strike

15.09.10 News

As unions build a European-wide day of action against austerity policies on September 29, Spain's national trade union centers CC.OO and UGT are preparing for a national general strike on September 29. In the first of a series of interviews with IUF members about the planned strike, the IUF spoke with Javier González Martino, General Secretary of the Commerce, Hotel and Tourism Union of the Comisiones Obreras (FECOHT-CC.OO).

Settlement Ends Long Strike at Mott's/Dr. Pepper Snapple

15.09.10 News

Workers on strike at New York state juice and sauce maker Mott's ended their nearly four-month strike by voting to approve a contract on September 13 that preserves their threatened pay and pension plans. The 300 members of RWDSU Local 220 walked off the job when the company, swimming in record profits and CEO compensation, demanded across-the-board wage cuts amounting to some USD 3,000 annually, substantial cuts in benefits and the winding up of the company pension plan.

The 'Nescafé Plan': Buyer Beware

03.09.10 News

Nestlé has announced with typical media fanfare a 10-year "Nescafé Plan" to help the company "further optimize its coffee supply chain". Nestlé plans to double the amount of Nescafé coffee purchased directly from farmers over the next five years. There's also a specific Nespresso component to the plan - unsurprising, since Nespresso is Nestlé's fastest-growing brand.


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