Four Iran Sugar Union Leaders Free but President Nejati Still in Prison and Facing Additional Sentence

09.02.10 Urgent Action

While 4 convicted leaders of the independent Haft Tapeh sugarworkers union in Iran have now been freed, President Ali Nejati remains in prison, where he could spend two years or more on charges of 'endangering national security'.

Blackmailing the Taxman, from Davos to Sydney

05.02.10 Editorial

Blackstone Chairman Stephen Schwarzman has warned Australia of a foreign investment "chill" following that country's efforts to collect taxes on a windfall deal from private equity giant TPG.

TEKEL workers continue their protest for 50 days and counting….

02.02.10 News

TEKEL - former state-owned tobacco company - workers from all over Turkey converged on Ankara on 15 December 2009 to protest against the government's snap decision to close their workplaces.

Subcontracting Practices at Danish Crown's Oldenburg Slaughterhouse Stoke Union Concerns

01.02.10 News

The German public prosecutor and tax authorities are examining serious allegations concerning world's largest pork exporter Danish Crown in Germany.
In December 2009, a large number of subcontracted Romanian workers received only partial or no pay at all for their work at the slaughterhouse.

Strong Participation in Strike at Inalca JBS Castelvetro Slaughterhouse

01.02.10 News

FLAI-CGIL and UILA-UIL meat workers walked out on January 29 for 8 hours for the first in a series of strikes at Inalca-JBS Castelvetro (Modena) slaughterhouse in Italy.

War of the Poor in Southern Italy Exposes the Harsh Reality of Farmworker Exploitation

29.01.10 Editorial

On January 7 a group of migrant - mostly African - farmworkers rioted in the Southern Italian (Calabria) town of Rosarno. They clashed with the police and local inhabitants, some of whom fought back with iron bars.

IUF Responds to Company Misinformation on ABI/SAB Miller South African Strike

29.01.10 News

As the strike by over a thousand FAWU members at ABI in South Africa enters its sixth week, the company has begun responding with false allegations and deliberate misinformation to the messages sent to the company by trade unionists around the world calling on it to enter into good faith negotiations with the union.

Sodexo Workers Gather in Paris for Shareholders Meeting

28.01.10 News

As Sodexo shareholders gathered for their annual meeting this week in Paris, a delegation of the company’s employees and their unions from France, the US, and the UK called for a global guarantee from Sodexo to improve pay and working conditions and guarantee the fundamental rights of Sodexo workers.

South Africa: Support FAWU on Strike at SAB Miller Soft Drinks!

25.01.10 Urgent Action

The strike by three thousand workers launched by the IUF-affiliated Food and Allied Workers' Union (FAWU) on December 22 at SAB Miller's ABI Soft Drinks Division has now entered its second month.

TEKEL Workers Continue Their Protest in Ankara

22.01.10 Urgent Action

The protest of TEKEL workers against the government's sudden and arbitrary decision to shut down their workplaces continues into its 7th week despite cold and rainy weather conditions, lack of proper shelter and the threat of police violence.

Strike against job cuts at AB INBEV Belgium ends in mediation

22.01.10 News

On 10 January 2010, AB InBev management announced its intention to cut 10% of its remaining 8,000 workforce in Western Europe blaming declining beer consumption and a need to be "slimmer and more flexible".

Sixth Iranian Sugar Union Leader Faces New Charges- Act Now!

21.01.10 Urgent Action

Reza Rakhshan, communications officer for the Haft Tapeh independent sugarworkers union in southern Iran, was arrested by security agents at his workplace on January 4 and was only released from Shush prison on January 20 after being charged with "endangering national security" for his union activity.

FLAI and UILA vote for strike action at JBS Italian joint-venture Inalca

21.01.10 News

Negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement at Inalca's largest slaughterhouse in Castelvetro (Modena), Italy, broke down on 22 December 2009. On 14 January 2010, an overwhelming majority of Inalca workers – represented byIUF Italian affiliates FLAI-CGIL and UILA-UIL, voted in favour of a 16-hour strike that will start in the following weeks.

Kraft and Cadbury, Victors and Spoils

21.01.10 Editorial

Barring any last-minute surprises, Kraft, the world's second-largest food company, will swallow UK-based Cadbury. Barely a month after deriding Kraft as an "unfocused" conglomerate and declaring "There is no strategic, managerial operational or financial merit in combining with Kraft", Cadbury Chairman Roger Carr announced that the price was right. He praised Kraft for its commitment to "our heritage, values and people throughout the world"…and acknowledged the inevitability of job cuts.


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