As the Talley’s/AFFCO lockout enters its 6th week, 500 more are locked out over Easter

11.04.12 Urgent Action
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Talley's/AFFCO made good on its threat to dock Easter pay from workers observing overtime bans (-> see previous story) by locking out some 500 workers - in addition to the 1000 already locked-out - over the long Easter weekend from Friday through Monday.

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While saving thousands of dollars in public holiday pay, Talley's/AFFCO added to the hardship of entire communities which are struggling to support workers and families affected by Talley's vicious lock out.

The Meat Workers Union and its members are supporting the locked out workers financially and with donations of food and food vouchers. In cooperation with the union, other meat companies are assisting by paying members' contributions into a relief fund for the locked out workers.

While some workers have had to give in under the weight of unpaid bills and have gone back to work after signing individual contracts, the large majority of locked out workers continue to stand firm.

Their union will be defending their collective agreement at mediation talks on April 12, which Talley's/AFFCO have agreed to attend.


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