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Nestlé Perugina: Bye-bye “generational pact”

3 October 2012 News
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Nestlé's proposed "generational pact" with older workers to facilitate the employment of their children (strictly on a part-time basis) has been taken off the bargaining table following an agreement reached on September 6 between the union committee, the trade unions and the company.

The unions FLAI, FAI and UILA, and the union committee emphasized that the agreement was the result of a bargaining strategy building on the tools provided by the national food sector agreement to meet the specific productivity needs of a company such as Perugina.

FLAI, FAI and UILA point out that they never refused to discuss productivity, but reject any "initiative geared to push the agenda, hidden or not, to undermine collective bargaining." "This agreement - the three unions affirm - is a demonstration of how bargaining can be an instrument for bringing together different interests even in times of conflict."

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