No place for human rights at Sheraton Maldives private island resort

13.06.14 Urgent Action
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sheratonmaldivesbig"Welcome to a world of golden sunshine, fine dining, water sports and entertainment, topped off with warm Maldivian hospitality on our own private island", beckons the website for the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. But hospitality at the luxury resort doesn't extend to workers seeking to exercise basic human rights.CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE RESORT'S PARENT COMPANY STARWOOD


Since the IUF-affiliated TEAM recruited a majority of Full Moon workers in February this year, management has combated the union through specious disciplinary procedures against union leaders, refusing to formally recognize the union and refusing to meet with the union committee.  

On April 19, 2014, union members gathered in the staff area to protest disciplinary proceedings against the union secretary. On May 14, off-duty union members went to the General Manager's office to request a meeting, found the office empty, and peacefully awaited his return. Police arrived, began questioning union leaders and then issued orders to clear the premises. The following day, May 15, the union President, Secretary and an executive member were issued disciplinary letters accusing them of unlawful assembly and illegally displaying union banners in the staff area on… April 19! That evening they were issued termination letters in the presence of police.



Since then, a total of seven union leaders have been terminated and more than one hundred members have received the same disciplinary letter.

Sheraton is one of the Starwood Hotel & Resorts' brands, which also include Westin, Meridien, W, St. Regis and The Luxury Collection.



Click here to send a message calling on Starwood management to reinstate the 7 dismissed union leaders, drop the disciplinary charges against all other union members at the Maldives Full Moon and to recognize their union - TEAM!