Danone business Brookside Dairy acquires Ugandan dairy SALL

02.06.15 story
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Brookside Dairy, East Africa’s largest processor with Danone as a 40% partner, has purchased Ugandan dairy SALL (Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Limited).

Brookside Dairy has assumed control of SALL’s assets and taken over management of the dairy’s contracted farmers.

Kenyan conglomerate, the Sameeer Group and RKJ Corporation, India’s largest bottler of Pepsi products, formed SALL in 2006.

SALL produces a wide range of dairy products, including fresh and UHT milk, yogurt, butter, ghee (Indian butter) and milk powder, which it sells in Uganda and exports to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius and South Sudan.

Since 1993, Brookside Dairy has grown to become East Africa’s largest dairy and produces a wide range of products, including fresh and UHT milk, flavoured milk, yogurt, butter, cream, ghee and lala.

In 2014, Danone announced that Brookside would tighten its hold on East Africa.