ILO Experts highlight dismal working conditions in the rural sector

12.06.15 News
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Art19"Inequitable labour relations and distribution of benefits… severe socio-economic disadvantage.. insanitary living conditions" are among the problems highlighted in Giving a voice to rural workers,  one of the reports currently under discussion at this year's International Labour Conference (ILC).

The report is based on evidence submitted to the ILO's Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations. It finds that for rural workers trying to exercise their freedom of association rights, the challenges are "in many cases, insurmountable without concerted national policies to take active steps".

The Experts express their concern that "dismal living and working conditions in the rural sector often appear to be largely the same as they were in 1975 and ..in some places are not dissimilar from the conditions that existed in 1921" when the  ILO Convention of rights of association in agriculture was adopted.

The ILC will adopt a work-plan to follow-up on the report and the outcomes from the discussions.