Philippines: luxury Peninsula hotel still victimizing union leaders for participating in IUF Global Housekeeper Campaign

02.02.17 Urgent Action
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PeninsulaJennyManagement of the luxury Peninsula Manila Hotel continues its retaliatory attacks on IUF member unions for their involvement in the IUF's Global Housekeepers Campaign and for effectively representing their members at the hotel.

The Peninsula Employees Union and Manila Pen Supervisors Chapter, members of the IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN, have negotiated improvements in the CBA and better working conditions for housekeepers. Last year, union action secured unprecedented government inspections of working conditions at hotels. The Manila Peninsula was ordered to regularize 405 casual employees including 55 housekeepers at the hotel.

Peninsula management resisted implementation of the order, and used the union’s participation in the global housekeeper campaign to sack union leader Jenny Marcos and to suspend for 15 days union officers Cesar Pagaling and Francisco Aliansas. Management also supported a yellow union to challenge the NUWHRAIN unions’ legal certification for collective bargaining. The company union was soundly defeated in an election on January 30, but management has reneged on an agreement negotiated under government auspices which would have suspended rather than terminated Jenny Marcos and allowed NUWHRAIN to contest the disciplinary measures through the customary legal channels. As a result, the Office of the Secretary of Labor and Employment has assumed final jurisdiction, with the authority to impose a binding decision.

If you haven’t already done so, CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE! Tell management of the Peninsula Manila to reinstate Jenny Marcos, stop harassing Cesar Pagaling and Francisco Aliansas and negotiate in good faith with the NUWHRAIN unions at the hotel.

January 15: Members of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions demonstrate at the Hong Kong Peninsula in solidarity with workers and union leaders at the Manila Peninsula.