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Nordic Hotel and Restaurant Unions demand #FairHousekeeping

17 February 2017 News
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FairHousekeepingThe Nordic Union-HRCT (NU HRCT) and its member unions are committed to fighting for #FairHousekeeping for all hotel housekeepers in the Nordic countries. The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Union and 3F Private Service Hotels and Restauration in Denmark are putting special emphasis on improved working conditions for housekeepers in the negotiations for new collective agreements with their employer associations which are now under way.

3F PSHR is demanding specific health and safety research into housekeepers' working conditions in Denmark.

"We would like to have greater knowledge of any attrition, heavy lifting and the psychological work environment among the hotel housekeepers" said John Fredriksen Chief Collective Bargaining Officer for hotel and restaurant workers at 3F PSHR in a recent interview with (the interview is available in Danish only).

In Sweden HRF is demanding stricter rules on consultation with union representatives on the organization of housekeeping work, insisting that all changes be negotiated with shop stewards or local unions.

"It's time to take the hotel housekeepers’ work environment seriously. Employers have a responsibility that they do not take, something must happen now. We believe that this is one way", said Per Persson Chief Bargaining Officer at HRF in an interview with (the interview is available in Swedish only).

What is #FairHousekeeping?

NU HRCT and its member organizations believe that #FairHousekeeping for all hotel housekeepers in the Nordic countries requires:

  • Decent working conditions, living wages and job security
  • Adjusted workloads and more time to clean each room properly
  • Regular consultation on working conditions and close collaboration between management and housekeepers
  • Appropriate working tools and protections to reduce injuries
  • Improved information, instructions, and training on workplace hazards