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UNITE HERE U.S. and Canada in the IUF Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action

28 February 2017 News
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FairhousekeepingUNITEHEREUNITE HERE members held actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto and Northern Illinois to demand safer working conditions and dignity for housekeepers within the framework of the IUF Global Week of Action.


The theme of demanding basic dignity and respect for housekeepers is ongoing in UNITE HERE's efforts, which focuses on a range of issues from shining a light on sexual harassment and demanding ergonomic cleaning equipment.

The Hands Off Pants On: Sexual Harassment in Chicago's Hospitality Industry launched by Local 1 in Chicago and the campaign by Seattle's Local 8 in support of the I-124 Initiative highlighted once again the hazards confronting hotel housekeepers and how unions can define and fight for concrete improvements.

UNITE HERE is also exposing and challenging cost-cutting 'green programs' at hotels which, in the guise of protecting the environment, require housekeepers to perform more work in less time, resulting in even more strenuous workloads and more workplace injuries.

CLICK HERE  for pictures and more information about UNITE HERE in the global week of action.