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Fast food Indonesia: struggle for rights and recognition continues at Champ Resto

3 March 2017 News
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On March 1 the IUF-affiliated FSPM held a protest action at the grand opening of two new Champ Resto outlets in Surabaya, with FSPM members from cities across Java turning out to show their determination to continue the fight for reinstatement of unfairly dismissed workers and for the medical insurance workers are illegally denied.

Workers only become aware that they were not registered in the mandatory government health insurance program for employees and their families in November 2015, when a Champ Resto worker's new-born baby died after the child was refused essential hospital care. When the FSPM organized protests, 83 workers at different locations were sacked. Champ Resto has refused to comply with provincial labour department recommendations to reinstate the unfairly dismissed workers.

If you have not yet been able to do so, CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CHAMP RESTO!