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International union action to defend quality employment at Mondelez

4 April 2017 News
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MondelezstickerIUF affiliates around the world showed their determination to defend quality permanent employment at job-slashing Mondelez in a week of trade union action from March 27-31, 2017. A variety of actions took place across 10 countries: Australia (AMWU), Austria (Pro-Ge), Belgium (ABVV Horval, ACV-CSC, ABVV-BBTK, CGSLB, LBC-NVK, and CNE-GNC), France (FGA-CFDT), Korea (KCTWU Dongsuh Foods Union Chapter), Lithuania (LMP), Norway (NNN), Pakistan (Cadbury Pakistan Progressive Employees Union), Poland (Solidarnosc), and the United States (BCTGM and UFCW). IUF-EFFAT's Cocoa Steering Committee and the Nestle European Works Council Steering Committees also sent international solidarity messages to Mondelez workers.

For more information and photos of the actions, click here.

Mondelez has been a hyper-aggressive financial machine since it was carved out of the former Kraft foods Inc. in 2012, striving to generate inflated returns by relentlessly squeezing workers through layoffs, permanent restructuring and aggressive cost cutting. In fiscal year 2016 alone, the company eliminated 9000 jobs. The IUF and its affiliates will continue to mobilize to defend quality jobs and the future of the company against the short-term financial engineering which is driving Mondelez.