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Coca-Cola Germany: NGG reaches successful agreement following warning strikes

1 May 2017 News
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The IUF-affiliated NGG carried out warning strikes that lasted for a number of weeks across 36 sites in Germany during difficult negotiations which ultimately lead to a successful collective agreement signed by the union's bargaining commission. The NGG has been facing extensive restructuring at Coca-Cola, with the closure of many sites.

The agreement brings a 2.2% pay increase for almost 8000 workers plus a training allowance. Furthermore employees who left the company in 2017 due to restructuring  measures will receive an increase of EUR 100 and new trainees will receive a EUR 50 increase.

The NGG has also negotiated for some regions a further 100 Euro increase from 2018 exclusively for its members and efforts are under way to establish a nationwide standard remuneration framework agreement.