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Italian unions, farmer and civil society groups say 'No!' to CETA

7 July 2017 News
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Italy's national center CGIL joined with farmer, environmental, food activist and other groups in a mass demonstration in Rome on July 5 to demand the Italian Parliament reject ratification of the EU-Canada CETA free trade agreement. The government is pushing for a vote on July 25. Approval by EU member states' national parliaments' is required for the treaty to come fully into effect.

Fausto Durante, head of the CGIL international department, denounced the government's 'fast track' tactics and highlighted the treaty's negative impact on Italy's agriculture and food production, food safety and quality standards, as well as on worker rights and public services. The CGIL agro-food food union FLAI-CGIL has been particularly active in mobilizing opposition to CETA.
CGIL general secretary Susanna Camusso speaking at the demonstration.