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IUF and Sodexo sign international agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

10 July 2017 News
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The IUF has signed an international agreement with the French-based catering and services provider Sodexo on measures to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace. The IUF-Sodexo Joint Commitment, based on a shared recognition that sexual harassment is a human rights violation and that women working in the services are exposed to high levels of risk, sets out a policy and procedures for ensuring zero tolerance.

The Joint Commitment acknowledges that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, a major health and safety hazard and a form of violence which disproportionately affects women. It provides a comprehensive description of what constitutes sexual harassment and establishes a framework for awareness-raising, training, reporting and procedures which protect the victims of sexual harassment and those reporting incidents.

The agreement will be implemented at local and national level through engagement between Sodexo management and IUF-affiliated unions, and the text establishes a regular international review procedure.

CLICK HERE to read the agreement.