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First-ever strikes at UK McDonald's on International Fast Food Workers' Day

5 September 2017 News
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McDonald's workers at two restaurants in Southeast London, UK, walked off the job in support of their demands on September 4, IUF International Fast Food Workers' Day - the first ever strike by UK McDonald's workers. Organized by the IUF-affiliated Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), McDonald's workers are demanding a GBP 10 (USD 13) hourly wage, an end to zero-hour contracts and union rights and recognition.


In April 2017, UK McDonald's promised guaranteed-hours contracts to all employees who wanted them. However, the BFAWU claims that workers at most stores were told nothing about this until the strike was announced.


Arbeit Workers' Union members in Korea.

The same day, fast food workers around the globe joined the fourth IUF International Fast Food Workers' Day with actions to show collective determination to fight poor working conditions and win better wages and union rights.

Some of the many actions are visible on McJobs Facebook group or through the hashtag #FastFooodGlobal, #McStrike and #Fightfor15.


The IUF World congress, meeting in Geneva August 29-September 1, expressed its solidarity with fast food workers taking action in the UK, US and around the world.