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Make my workplace safe: our key demands for better working conditions

19 September 2017 News
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Global-Week-of-Action-9-15October2017-ENThe "Global Housekeeping Campaign" resolution adopted at the 27th IUF World Congress, expressed appreciation for the campaign's progress in raising awareness among non-unionized hotel workers, union members, relevant government authorities and the public of the serious, long-term health impact on employees of the work arrangements and practices common to hotel housekeeping and the violations of housekeepers' human rights.

By exposing unsafe workplaces and work practices - including room quotas - and linking this to the precarious employment (outsourcing and casualization) of housekeepers, the Global Housekeeping Campaign has stimulated and encouraged many unions to begin organizing housekeeping staff or to rebuild union membership in housekeeping.

International labour standards on occupational safety and health and national health and safety laws which are compliant with these standards place the responsibility for providing safe and healthy workplaces on the employer through the employer's general duty to provide their employees with a safe place of employment. It is employers' responsibility to ensure that hotel housekeepers have safe and decent working conditions.

To support the initiative, the secretariat has produced a leaflet which sets out the key demands to ensure that hotel housekeepers can enjoy a safe workplace.

Click to download the leaflet and other campaign material.