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World Tourism Day 2017 - Philippines hotel workers call for an end to room quotas

2 October 2017 News
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Banner_protect_housekeepers_health_0To mark World Tourism Day 2017, IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN held protest actions to call for an end to room quotas because they impose excessive workloads on hotel housekeepers and place quantity over quality. In the Philippines hotels routinely fix a minimum quota of 12 rooms for housekeepers to clean per shift.

NUWHRAIN members protested outside the venue of the "4th Tourism Human Resources Congress", calling on participants from governments, tourism and hotel associations and hotel employers to abolish room quotas and protect the health of housekeepers.  
Other NUWHRAIN members held an action in front of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) in Manila. This was followed by a meeting with the DOLE undersecretary to discuss abolition of room quotas, issuance of compliance orders to regularize workers in the hotel industry, labour inspection in deluxe and 5-star hotels and non-implementation of compressed work weeks.