Struggle continues for rights and recognition at AB InBev Sonepat India

02.07.18 News
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IUF members at global brewery giant AB InBev's plant in Sonepat, India continue their non-stop peaceful protest in defense of union rights and recognition outside the factory gate. The Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBLM) launched the action in February in response to management's escalating attacks on union members and ongoing refusal to enter into good faith negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.
Sonepat management continues to harass and threaten to terminate union members and officers who insist on their collective bargaining rights. The union is demanding the reinstatement of all victimized union representatives and members, the withdrawal of all legal cases against union activists stemming from an organized provocation earlier this year and genuine negotiations on the union's charter of demands.

CLICK HERE to send a message to AB InBev in support of the union's struggle if you have not yet had a chance to do so.