Brave struggle of AB InBev Sonepat workers continues

11.09.19 News
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AB InBev Sonepat workers have been fighting for their rights for more than 540 days. To support their struggle, IUF affiliates in India organized a protest action in front of AB InBev's Bangalore office on September 9. They demanded that AB InBev stop busting the union and ruining lives.

On September 8-9 AB InBev India unions met to discuss the issues they face at AB InBev across India. They shared concerns about job security resulting from reductions in production and highlighted increased pressure on workers from Sonepat management.  

AB InBev management has failed to build a decent industrial relations system across India. The company is, for example, refusing point blank to share production and outsourcing plans with the unions. Faced with production cuts and no information from the company, workers and their families naturally have huge concerns about their future.

At the September 9 protest private security officers threatened peaceful protesters with legal action. They prevented protesters from even standing on the public footpath near the office.

IUF affiliates across AB InBev operations will continue to support Sonepat workers in their courageous struggle faced with AB InBev's ongoing rights violations.