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International Youth Day 2019 – IUF Young Workers are organising and fighting back together

15 August 2019 News

August 12 was International Youth Day, and this year IUF Young Workers pledged to organise and fight back together for their right to be heard and to defend their right to join a union.

Denmark: Burger King workers win their first collective agreement

26 July 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated 3F has won a first collective agreement covering 33 Burger King restaurants owned by four different operators.

Young IUF leaders come together in Geneva

17 April 2019 News

IUF young workers from across the world, representing their regions, trade groups and committees, gathered in Geneva on April 1, 2019 for the constituting meeting of the IUF Young Workers' Committee.

Occupational health and safety for young workers

28 March 2019 News

Most workers will encounter health and safety hazards during their working lives. However, young workers are particularly vulnerable to occupational health and safety (H&S) hazards in the workplace as they often lack experience, training and awareness of H&S risks.

Building our unions: the power of young workers

8 January 2019 News

Organizing and mobilizing young workers is a key task for all IUF affiliates.

Denmark: 3F organizes for a collective agreement for Tivoli Gardens fast food workers

3 January 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) is organizing to bring under a collective agreement a group of fast food restaurants in Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens many of whose primarily young workers are employed under precarious conditions and denied basic benefits including pension contributions.

New Zealand Dairy Workers Union establishes Youth Committee

22 September 2018 News

The 2018 Congress of the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union Te Runanga Wai U (NZDWU) resolved to establish a youth committee that encourages young members to become more involved in the governance and operation of their union.

IUF Young Workers celebrate International Youth Day 2018

13 August 2018 News

IUF%20young%20workers%20banner%20EN%20-%20CopyIUF Young Workers are organizing and taking back power: actions took place across the IUF regions on August 12, International Youth Day 2018.

Young food, farm and hotel workers call for secure jobs, safe work & respect

18 August 2017 News


IUF members across the Asia/Pacific region held education seminars, mass meetings and rallies on International Youth Day (August 12) to highlight the issues facing young workers, including insecure jobs, unstable incomes, wage theft, unsafe work, and youth unemployment.

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