Danone Ecosystem Fund

15.06.11 News

The IUF general secretary sits on the advisory board of Danone Ecosystem Fund initiative. Therefore please find the latest newsletter of Danone Ecosystem Fund for your information.

Danone signs an agreement to acquire YoCream

24.11.10 News

Danone has signed an agreement to acquire YoCream, the leading producer of frozen yogurt in the United States, for US$103 million.

Mass dismissal of contract workers and political repression at Schreiber-Dynamix Dairies India

28.05.10 News

When the US-based Schreiber Foods Inc acquired a 51 per cent stake in Dynamix Dairy Industries in 2004, one of India’s most advanced milk processing plants was transformed into a global company.

Minutes of the Danone CIC Meeting, 12-14 October 2009

01.02.10 blog

The Danone Comittee for Information and Consultation (CIC) met on October 12, 13 and 14, 2009 at the ILO in Geneva. Click here for the meeting report.


IUF/Danone Group Launch International Union/Management Meetings

28.10.09 News

For the first time in the over 20-year history of international labour relations at Danone, trade unionists representing Danone workers from all over the globe attended this year's meeting of the Danone Council for Information and Consultation (CIC), transforming it into a truly international structure.


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