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More women, more inclusion, more equality: historic agreement between Banacol, Sintrainagro, and IUF Latin America

15 November 2019 News

On November 13 in Medellín, Banacol, Colombia's largest banana producer, the IUF-affiliated agricultural workers union SINTRAINAGRO and IUF Latin America signed a Letter of Commitment pledging to employ an additional 400 women workers on Banacol's plantations by 2020, boosting women's participation in the company's employment from the current 10.7 percent to 19.90 percent.

Naga World Hotel Casino workers demand measures to protect them from violence and abuse

7 November 2019 News

For years, the union has called for action by management to curb violence and sexual harassment. Management has responded that customers may respond aggressively when they lose at gambling and nothing can be done; workers must apologize to guests who assault and abuse them, and get on with the job.

IUF and Arla Foods agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment

7 October 2019 News

The IUF and the dairy transnational Arla Foods have concluded an agreement on measures to protect workers against sexual harassment in the workplace.

IUF and AccorInvest agreement on fighting sexual harassment

16 September 2019 News

The IUF and the French-based transnational hotel chain AccorInvest have signed an agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment at work. It covers all persons employed by the Group or operating on behalf of AccorInvest.

Women in trade unions to change society

13 September 2019 News

A training workshop on gender equality and trade unions was held in San Jose, Costa Rica from 5 to 7 September 2019, with the participation of some thirty members of IUF-affiliated organizations in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador. Based on the personal experiences of the women trade unionists present, a key message expressed by the participants is that, like any society, trade unions need women in order to achieve fundamental change. 

Finland: PAM and Sodexo agreement on implementing global commitment to prevent sexual harassment

29 July 2019 News

The IUF's Finnish affiliate PAM has signed an agreement with Sodexo OY on implementing the global agreement on preventing sexual harassment signed by the IUF with Sodexo in 2017.

It’s our victory – ILO adopts new global standards to combat violence and harassment in the world of work

26 June 2019 Editorial

The IUF wholeheartedly welcomes the adoption on June 21 of new global standards on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work. The Convention and Recommendation, adopted at the 2019 International Labour Conference, are the outcome of sustained mobilization and lobbying by trade unions.


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Support the feminist strike in Switzerland!

6 June 2019 News

On June 14, 2019 women across Switzerland will be on strike, at work and at home. The strike, overtly feminist and widely supported by trade unions (including our Swiss affiliate Unia), civil society groups and various political parties, is the successor to the historic strike of June 14, 1991.

IUF Women’s Committee: No to gender-based violence!

15 May 2019 News

The last IUF Women’s Committee meeting took place in Geneva on April 1, 2019 and was attended by some forty participants, including the President of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF). Among the subjects discussed in a full agenda, the members of the Women’s Committee underlined the need for the affiliated trade unions to implement the agreements on the prevention of sexual harassment.

Canada: Unions win paid leave, support for victims of domestic violence

11 April 2019 News

In response to ongoing union campaigns for paid leave and improved support for victims of domestic violence and abuse, Canada's federal Labour Code has been amended to include a clause requiring all federally-regulated workplaces to provide five days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, in cases where a worker or their child is a survivor of such abuse.

Schysst stall (Fair stable) - working against sexual harassment in the horse sector in Sweden

20 March 2019 News

The IUF-affiliated Kommunal - Sweden's largest union - seeks agreement with employers on concrete measures to ensure that workplaces are free from sexual harassment and abuse. Schysst stall (Fair Stable) is a joint initiative with the service sector employer association and the Swedish Federation of Green Employers launched in March to inform and educate employers, workers, and students training for a career in the horse sector to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to respond to it.


IUF members denounce ‘Miss Curvy’ Uganda beauty contest tourism promotion

7 March 2019 News

IUF members around the world are calling on the government of Uganda to cancel a plan to promote Uganda's tourist industry with a "Miss Curvy" beauty contest as well as add "sexy" women to official literature listing Uganda's "attractions".

We are fighting for equality! For an international convention to end violence against women in the workplace

7 March 2019 News

International Women’s Day, celebrated by IUF affiliates, is again this year dedicated to combating violence against women in the workplace. It is also focused on the need to obtain, at the next International Labour Conference (ILC) in June 2019, an international convention, supplemented by a recommendation, which will give governments a legally-binding framework to enable them to act against and end this form of violence.

Unions help win extended maternity leave in the Philippines

25 February 2019 News

Paid maternity leave in the Philippines has been extended from 60 to 105 days under a new law which came into effect on February 20. IUF affiliates NUWHRAIN and the SENTRO Food & Beverage Workers Council played a significant role in winning the additional 45 days.

IUF and Meliá agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, a first in the global hospitality sector

24 January 2019 News

The IUF and Spanish-based Meliá Hotels International have signed an agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, the first such agreement between the IUF and an international hotel chain.



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