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FRANCE. CFE CGC Agro calls for action on child labour in the food supply chain.

The National Federation of Agriculture and Food, CFE CGC, is making sure the French press is aware of WDACL. The union has send out over 900 press releases, is fixing interviews with national and regional TV stations as well as using its internal bulletins to keep members up to date.

And the message press is clear - children must be protected against economic exploitation and must go to school (Article 32 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child).

CFE CGC Agro is also calling on big agro-food companies to put in place a code of good practices aimed at eliminating child labour along the food supply chain.

“The Federation is also looking at the idea of a logo that would be shown on European food products, testifying that the children are not economically exploited and that they can follow a scholarship allowing them to climb the social ladder," explains CFE CGC Agro President Bernard Boulery.

CFE CGC Agro has already sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture requesting an appointment to discuss child labour issues. The union also contacted the big retail companies in France and asked for meetings.

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