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TURKEY. TARIM-IŞ - our health, our safety, our children

To mark WDACL, TARIM-IŞ, the Turkish Forestry, Agriculture and Agricultural Industry Workers Union, will call on the Minister of Labour and Social Security to ratify ILO Convention Nr. 184 on Health and Safety in Agriculture. The union will also raise concerns about the working and living conditions of migrant seasonal workers, who migrate with their families to work on the farms.

TARIM-IŞ says there are no children working in the public sector which is unionized, but that child labour exists in the private sector, especially among mobile seasonal workers who move with their families and whose children often end up working with their parents in the fields.

The union is also sending a letter to all political parties requesting the amendment of the Labour Act. The current Act excludes agricultural workers in establishments employing 50 and less workers, the union wants them covered by the Act.

TARIM-IŞ will issue a press release for WDACL to draw attention to its activities. The union has published two booklets which will be widely circulated. One is on the working and living conditions of women seasonal workers, the other is a small booklet including the Turkish translation of Convention 184 and Recommednation 192.